Saturday, September 22, 2007

Time Heals

It has definitely been a rough week. For some reason there was a delay about Whiner's cremation and I wasn't able to pick up his ashes to bring home until today. Very upsetting as I had been told they would be ready for me to come and get the day after his passing. But he is home now where he belongs. The picture is of the memorial I fixed up out back in the area he loved best. The flowers are not in full bloom yet nor has his memorial stone arrived but time will take care of all of this.

I have tried to do some scrapbooking but it has just been too hard for me. This was a hobby that Whiner shared with me. He always wanted me to scrap on the bed so that he could lay near me and play with the scraps of paper I would discard. I tried to scrapbook in a different area but there was no inspiration. When I moved my supplies to the bed, all I could do was cry. It will take awhile before I am able to resume this hobby. I know that time will heal this terrible loss I feel right now.

I have been able to do more and more stitching the past few days. Whiner wasn't involved in this hobby as much (basically only laying at my feet) so it easier for me to do without the heavy flood of memories and emotions.

I realize that last week I had announced that I would begin several new pieces but considering all that has happened recently, I am going to post pone these for awhile and work on what I have already have in progress along with some smalls I would like to do. For now, these are more than enough for me - at least until my energy level begins to rise again.


Heather said...

Each day will get easier for you, Sherry. I want you to know that I have been thinking of you. The memorial area you fixed up for his remains are beautiful.


Anonymous said...

This memorial area you fixed for Whiner is lovely and looks so peaceful. Hope you are feeling better, I know this was painful. Love and hugs, Jana