Friday, August 16, 2019


Creation Sampler is a finish! Yea! I can now consider this infusion project #5. I finished minutes before my I posted my blog. Below is my final picture (excuse the wrinkles). What you don't see is the second bird at the bottom and I have also added the year under my initials. I prefer to work on just one piece at a time but once in a while I will make an exception and work on two but no more.

I had planned to start a piece earlier this week but with errands and some left over side effects from the last infusion I did not pick up any stitching. I did go through my stash and kitted up designs that had not been kitted yet. I always like knowing that I can just pull a design out and be ready to stitch.

I realized that there are less than 5 months left in this year and I really have not stitched that much! Well, I have stitched but few finishes. I decided to make a plan for the remainder of this year and take it on into next year.

I pulled out And A Forest Grew by Rosewood Manor. This is my longest running WIP to date! I try to work some on it at least once a year but one of my plans will be to TRY to work on this piece at least two days a week until I finish it (good intentions). It has been stained over the years from taking it out and putting it back up. I will have to decide how to work around these battle scars.

Do you have any WIPs? What is your longest running WIP and how long how you been working on it?

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Day After Day

It's raining. It's pouring. The old man is snoring. Bumped his head. Went to bed and didn't get up till morning. We used to sing this as kids whenever it would rain. I do love a good rain shower! It just makes everything feel new.

I spent the first part of the week getting ready for the family get together! Babies from my wild rose. Potted and given out to happy cousins!

We had a great time and it was so nice to see everyone again! Cousins can be so silly! LOL


Creation Sampler is moving right along now that I have come to the words. There was a deer beside of Adam but I left it off so that I could put my initials on it.

I have been thinking that I may enter a cross stitch piece or two in one of the county fairs around here next Fall (2020). Give me time to get some special stitches done. I have never thought about doing this before and it just hit me like a lightning bolt! Why haven't I and why don't I do it!!!!!!

I had my last infusion for this round so I am done with that until December!

I have to play in my stash at least once a week. It is just fun to visit all the wonderful designs I can't wait to work on! I ran across Margaret Cottam by La D Da. Now how did I forget about her?? I have Part One and Part Three. Where did Part Two disappear to? OMG! After a quick panic I realized that Part Two was stuck to Part One! Whew! She will definitely have to go on the priority list! This picture is not my work. It is from the La D Da website.

After I finish my current stitching I really need to get busy working on my Stitching Bucket List. These are designs I have wanted to do for so long and I even have planned where to hang them on the walls! It is time to make them stop waiting! The hard part is that I keep seeing all of these other beautiful samplers that I want to add to my stash! I need a blindfold! LOL

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Friday, August 02, 2019


Our family is full of stories and story tellers. I love to hear these stories over and over. I never tire of them! Let me share a story with you this time (told to me by my Aunt) instead of my stitching.

Thomas Casey Westall and Andrew Henson Westall were half brothers. The same father, William Brittain Westall but different mothers. There were many other children but I am going to focus on these two. They lived in Yancey County, NC.

Thomas was the older of the two and Andrew adored his big brother. Thomas married first and Andrew followed suit a bit later. Thomas and his wife had a number of children. One of which was Julia Elizabeth Westall.

When Andrew and his wife had a little girl, he asked his big brother if he could name the baby girl after his daughter. Her name was Julia Ann Westall.

The two Julias were first cousins and Julia Ann went on to become my great grandmother. She passed away when I was 5 but I still remember her well. I remember their house. I remember her weak laugh (because she was quite old by then). I remember how I would lean in gently to hug her like she was a precious china doll. Her funeral was the first one I had ever been to and I remember being fussed over to look just perfect. I remember being told to act well mannered and polite. A pretty big memory for such a little girl!

Julia Elizabeth, the older cousin, married and moved away from Yancey County. She was later to become a mother. The mother of Thomas Wolfe, the author, who wrote many novels such as You Can't Go Home Again and Look Homeward, Angel.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

It's Still Hot in the South!

The mail has been delivering some fun goodies to the house lately. Let me share! I received another order from MyVintageNeedleArts over at Etsy! I just love love love her Aida fabrics! Such a wonderful selection and beautiful colors! I still order my stand by Aidas but these fabrics give me the choice of linens without the headaches of stitching on linen! LOL.

I decided to splurge and spoil my feminine side by ordering several pairs of earrings at AutumnEquinox and NaturallySterling over at Etsy. I know I can wear their earring without concern. It's always nice to find a company you can trust.

I got a package full of DMC in various shades of blues for the restart of Faith by Heartstring Samplery. I was hoping to start on this one while at this infusion but it looks like it may wait for my last infusion of this year.

I got some more stitching done on Creation Sampler while at infusion #2 but not enough to share. I will post an update next time.Two more infusions to go.

Here is the recent update on Catharine Dickenson by Scattered Seed Samplers. Isn't she full of character!

I like to mix my family history and stitching. There were many women in my family that stitched in one form or another. Needlepoint, quilting, embroidery, knitting, crochet, plain ol sewing and so much more!  I am so proud to be a part of that legacy and carry it on with my stitching! I like to look through designs and wonder if it looks like something one of my ancestors might have stitched! Of course, all samplers are someone's family history!  My cousin found a new family picture for me to put out on the shelf. This is my Grandma's aunt Cindy. What a great find and treasure! I can't help but wonder what kind of needlework she did, if any.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Friday, July 19, 2019

More Stitching

My infusions began this week. One down, three to go and I will be finished until the next round later this year. Packing up everything I will need is more like getting ready to go away for the weekend instead of just the major part of a day!

I spent some time with my wild rose the other morning before the sun took over the back yard. I was digging up several of her babies to take to family next month. I sure hope they live because it is a beautiful rose!

I managed to get some work done on Catharine Dickenson but I just could not finish her! I am close to a finish though so it should be soon! 

In between my regular naps at infusion and getting up to walk around to stretch my legs, I worked on Creation Sampler some. I was able to finish up the tree and get a good start on Eve. The nurses and other patients love to see what I am working on.

When I find a product I like, I don't mind sharing! Recently I have been taking some of the vitamins and supplements from Mega Food. Sometimes the drug store versions just don't work or give me enough of what I need. So far they are keeping their "easy on your stomach" promise but the real test will be when I see the results of my next blood work.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Beating the Heat

I finally got the X-ray results of my shoulder. No inflammation. No bone loss. No damage. She said it probably bursitis or the rotator cuff. The last bursitis flare I had lasted a month.

I am still making progress on Catharine Dickenson but it is slow progress so no picture this time. It seems like each time I get a good start on stitching, the hand cramps begin and I have to put it down for a while.  I love the colors called for in this sampler. The only thing that would make it perfect for me is if it had a short verse but I still love it! I am hoping to get a good bit done on her next week -- or even finish!

My infusion round begins next week so I will be working on Creation Sampler again. It should finish up quickly.

I have been scratching my head wondering whether I should buy some new charts I ran across online. They are all older charts but for some reason they did not catch my eye until now. I have a nice hefty stash right now that will take me years to finish but.......

Florida family is coming up to NC later this summer! It will be nice to get together, see everyone and share some fond memories. I like to find something silly to make our pictures more fun. Last time I bought some clown noses from Walgreens Red Nose day to take for pictures. I am thinking about some Red Wax Lips this time!

Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, July 06, 2019

Summer Rolls On

I hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th with lots of good food, fun games, family and friends! It was fairly quite around here except for the fireworks that would go off usually at night. I just stayed up till all the noise calmed down enough to fall asleep!

I am still stitching away on Catharine Dickenson 1840. She seems to take on more personality with each line. Right now I am close to stitching a line and half of initials. I am guessing they are the initials of her family members since most of them end with a D letter. The last two end with E so they could be her maternal grandparents. Just a guess. Many designers include some history of the original sampler and stitcher but it is fun to try to look beyond that.

I don't buy much jewlery for myself especially earrings. My ears are so sensitive, my earrings must be made of quality materials. There are only a few places I will buy my earrings from. I found a pair last week in my birth stone. I prefer the turquoise stone to the gem stone. I found these at NaturallySterling at Etsy.

Ann Pegg 1877 by The Scarlett House finally arrived! I had bought the threads but could not find the chart anywhere! Tanya assured me that none of her charts ever went OOP and it could be ordered. Just knowing that she is kitted up and among friends in my stash makes me feel happy.

Even though I tell myself that I won't buy anymore designs until I get my stash down, it just doesn't happen! I have a nice handful of samplers in my shopping cart! Someone once said that cross stitching and buying the supplies were two separate hobbies! How true! So my Stitching Bucket List just gets bigger and bigger! What the heck! It makes me happy.

I had mentioned that I was going to hold off completing Creation Sampler until my infusion but I would be able to finish before my 4 rounds were complete. I have re-kitted Faith by Heartstring Samplery to take in for the rest of the infusions I have chosen 18ct Aida Irish Cream Hand Dyed by My Vintage Needlearts on Etsy. She has added a lot of new colors too. I will be using a variation of blues through out the design.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Happy July 4th

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Saturday, June 29, 2019

In The Good Ol Summertime

Another long hot week. A thunderstorm here and there but not enough to cool the days off. My shoulder is very slowly feeling better. I still have to be careful how I move my arm but I am able to do a little more with it now. I have not gotten the results of the X-ray yet which is good because she said if it was something that needed immediate attention she would call me right away. Otherwise she will mail the results along with my lab results.

My infusion has been scheduled. As a matter of fact the one after this upcoming one (last of the year) is tentatively scheduled as well. I am going to save the remainder of Creation Sampler to finish up in infusion. I know I will finish before I am totally done with all 4 four rounds so I will take FAITH by Heartstring Samplery in to work on. I decided to start over and use and different color thread on it.

My peach cobbler came out perfect! A scoop of vanilla ice cream made it wonderful! Once again, the picture is from the blog where I got the recipe. I ask my family nicely to let me get a picture before they dig in but when I come back with the camera....... LOL. Oh well, I guess I should take that as a compliment! LOL.

I love my Strawberry Rhubarb crumble but I wanted a pie. So....... I had to be careful how I moved my arm around but I got it made and YUM! I did not even attempt to get my camera for a picture this time. Good thing because as soon as the timer dinged, they were all standing around waiting for a piece! Here is the blog where I got the picture and the recipe.

When I went to the store to get my rhubarb, it had not been put out yet so I had to ask a young man in produce if he could get it for me. The head guy in produce over heard me and asked "what are you going to make with it this time?" I laughed and told him "a pie". The young man came back with my rhubarb and said "Mam, you make pies with this? Is it good? What does rhubarb taste like?" I will have to take a piece of it to him!

While my shoulder kept me from moving around like normal, I used the time to work on my Stitching Bucket List. It is a nice long list. I divided it into two sections so it would not seem as over whelming. The top 15 are kitted up and ready to begin any time.

Since Creation Sampler is on the back burner until infusions, I decided to pull a small sampler to work on. Catharine Dickenson 1840 by Scattered Seed Samplers. I love the colors used. I am using Aida 18ct. Irish Cream hand dyed from My Vintage Needleworks on Etsy. I can stitch without much trouble since I have little to none upper arm movement while doing it. I forgot to download my pictures to the computer but will share next post.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

A Slow Week

We had a short break from the hot hot humid days. It was nice while it lasted but those days are back! What's a gal to do? Even though I hate getting out on those super hot days, I love summer for 2 reasons. Watermelon and Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble! I bought my watermelon when I did grocery shopping AND I bought everything I needed to make my crumble! Sort of a cross between a pie and cobbler. The picture is not mine. It is from Pinterest where I got the recipe. By the time I get my camera out, it is almost eaten up! Oh, it is so good and double good with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! I also bought everything to make a peach cobbler later this week. 

It was a week of appointments and errands. I was not able to get any stitching done and very little of any thing else because my shoulder is still hurting terribly. At one appointment, the dr. insisted on taking an X-ray. No results yet so I am crossing my fingers for some summertime inflammation.

I did order my threads and have everything I need to start on Ann Tarbox sometime in the near future.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Page One

What is up with the fonts on the blog? Everything looks great until I hit publish and then I have various size fonts through out the post!

I was not able to do much stitching over the week. My arm has been hurting horribly! I have tried Ben Gay, Tylenol and an ice pack. None of which relieves the pain for any real length of time. I may have pulled a muscle or I possibly slept on my arm wrong but I was able to get enough stitching done to finish page 1 of the Creation Sampler! Big milestone!

Look at what I found on Pinterest! They are free printables. You can type "Stitch All the Things" in the search bar.  I have an old 3 ring binder and some page protectors that I have been saving to make some sort of stitching planner. These will work great!

Another non stitchy project I tackled this week was printing out several pictures of my moma that I have been meaning to do and kept forgetting about. I miss her everyday. She passed away before we could advance our relationship to best friends but I talk to her every night.. These have always been two of my favorite pictures of her even though they were taken before I came along and I decided it was time to frame them! I have to mention that my Grandma made my mother's wedding dress. She even made an identical dress for my Barbie out of leftover material.  Of course I had to print out one of my favorites of me and moma together at Christmas. Now to find the perfect frames!

I was able to make a trip to my LNS for some threads. Sometimes I know exactly what I want and can order but other times I like to see how they will blend together before I buy. I went in to get the threads for 3 projects. I left with threads for 4 projects pIus a new chart!  I also bought some new fabrics at My Vintage Needle Arts on Etsy. They were a little pricey compared to what I usually get but sometimes you want that really special piece of fabric for a design and these really fit the bill! No regrets!

What do you do with a chart when you have finished stitching the design? I usually like to share or trade but there are several designers I like to collect so I hang on to these.

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, June 08, 2019

Hello Again!

Another hot hot hot week! There were several days when the humidity was a bit lower but not enough to get excited about! LOL. I don't think we even have Spring and Fall anymore. Several weeks of the seasonal weather and then we jump right into Summer or Winter!

Here is a new update on Creation Sampler by Words of Praise. I am loving it although I did not get in as much stitching as I had hoped. I want to get this piece finished up so that I can decide on my infusion project, get everything together and get a head start on it.  I was able to get several more designs kitted up over the week. I like to have everything together and ready to start on but it never fails I will choose a design to work on that I don't even have the threads for yet!

I went through my stash over the long weekend and this past week I pulled out some WIPs that I have tucked away in drawers. I had started on Marianne Wenn a few years ago and was looking forward to working on her some more. I found the chart and the threads but the WIP was GONE!!! I looked in all of my usual hiding places. No Marianne. Ah ha, there was one last place I had forgotten about and there she was!

I pulled her out and instantly remembered why I had stopped stitching on her. I did not like the fabric. I had accidentally stitched on the back side of the fabric (the front side was mottled) and did not notice until I was too far along to frog it all out. I was trying to decided whether to pick up where I left off or start new on fabric I really like. With some advice from my stitcher friends, I have decided to start new.

I found several other WIPs that I will share in a later post. I was able to get several sampler designs to add to my stash as well. Ann Pegg 1877 by The Scarlett House and Summer Beaming Forth by Blackbird Designs. I don't even fight the urge or make excuses anymore. It's a losing battle! LOL

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, June 01, 2019

Just Words

The past week has been so hot and miserable! I was not able to go outside for more than a few minutes before I felt smothered by the humidity! Needless to say I have been spending  as much time as possible indoors! Naturally I go out to water my mints but I try to do it in the mornings before the weather gets too hot.

While I have been staying in the house, I have been working on Creation Sampler some. I also spent time organizing my stash. Every year around Memorial Day and July 4, I realize that I have never stitched a patriotic piece. I have several designs in my stash. Time to buy the threads and fabric so that I can kit these up and add them to my Stitching Bucket List.

I had fun playing in my stash over the long weekend! It is always fun to see old friends again! I also updated my Stitching Bucket List. It is a long list and some what overwhelming. I am sure there are a few that I forgot to add. Thank goodness all of these are in my current stash! Many are already kitted up and I am working on kitting up the others.

No matter how many times I promise myself to only stitch from stash, something new or even an older design will catch my eye and make it's way into my shopping cart! Why fight it!!

The Grumpy Ol Gazer had out patient surgery for carpal tunnel. OMG!  He was definitely a handful for several days but I just kept telling him that he would be happy in the long run!

Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend

I know I haven't posted a recent update picture of Creation Sampler in a while so here it is! I was hoping to be further along by this time but with everything that has been going on, I am happy.

I am still checking out Ancestry on a regular basis hoping for another name to be discovered for my Mother's Tree. So far, nothing. When I finish  up Creation Sampler I plan to stitch a short but sweet piece by Notforgotten Farm called "I Stitch". Lori designed it as a bookmark but I think I will have it framed even though it is very small.

Speaking of Mother's Tree. I have every intention of finishing it off in time for the October framing sale at my LNS. My dilemma is whether to pick it back up where I left off (on the tree) or start fresh and make it my own. Decisions, decisions...

We went up to the foothills one day to meet my cousin and her husband for lunch. It is always good to get together with family and catch up. We had some very pretty scenery on the way.

I filled all the birdfeeders one last time for the season. I stop feeding them June 1 through Oct 31 because there are plenty of insects, bugs and berries for them to feast on.I start feeding them again November 1 though the end of May.

And our chipmunk is happy too!

I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend. I would also like to send thanks to the soldiers who keep us safe!

Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dull Is Good!

I hope everyone had a pleasant Mother's Day whether you were the one being celebrated or not. I had a lovely day. The Grumpy Ol Gazer took me out for a nice dinner which was enjoyed and appreciated.  I wasn't able to spend a lot of time outside watching my birds like I had hoped because we had an entire weekend of heavy down pours.

Since I was house bound due to the weather, I used the time to work on Creation Sampler and put some more things back up on the freshly painted walls.

After the rainy weekend, we had several extremely pleasant days. I took advantage of the Spring weather and filled my bird and squirrel feeders. The squirrels like about everything I put out whether it is for them or not! The crows have made a return to the feeders this year after a long absence. A little chipmunk had been longingly watching the feeders and decided to try to climb one. He chose a big feeder on a wood pole and fell off more than once. He finally chose another feeder lower to the ground on a shepherd pole. He made it and he happily snuggled into the feeder tray to eat his heart out!

Not much news. It has been a "dull is good" week. Next week will be a different story!

Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.