Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good Morning, Mr. Blue!

I have been absent lately from posting because of Blogger problems again. I was not able to sign on. It was extremely frustrating but after a lot of headaches it finally cleared up but, low and behold, when I was able to sign into my dashboard again there was a notice that the old Blogger interface will be discontinued! There are still a few other problems going on but I am not sure if it is Blogger or my computer.

No new starts yet. My wrist has been giving me fits making it very difficult to stitch. I thought my next new start would be from new stash but I have a hankering to work on something different. Once I decide, you'll be the first to know! During my time away from reading and posting on my blog and stitching, I took advantage of the extra time in other ways.

DH is off those horrible annoying hours and has been taking some well deserved time off. Of course, he may feel he would be better off still working since we have stayed so busy catching up on things that were put on the back burner during that time.

I made the trip to the LNS to drop of my stitching pieces for framing. It will be longer than usual in getting them back because everyone likes to take advantage of a framing sale! I love the frames I chose. Especially for the holiday pieces. Not really what I had expected to go with but sometimes you see something that just screams at you! Also, I placed another order. Just a couple of designs I have drooling over for awhile. They are both on the big side and have detailed borders (not my favorite thing to stitch) but if my finishes are as pretty as the pictures, they should be worth the extra xx's.

While we were at the LNS, there was a snow storm. Actually it was white fuzzy pollen coming from some trees behind the shop but it was coming down so heavy, it looked like snow. Everyone was looking up in confusion before realizing what it actually was! And of course I left my camera at home!

I walked around the yard and took in all the beauty that only Nature can take credit for. There are bluebirds nesting in one of bird houses again this year! I always enjoy watching them. To make it even more enjoyable, we put up another bluebird house, a wren/chickadee house and put the squirrel feeder back up! I can't wait to see the activity around them all!

My pyracanthas have grown so much since they were first planted. They were planted about 12 years ago with the purpose of covering up and hiding an old steel satelite dish pole that was cemented into the ground. Can you see the pole? It started as a practical reason but they are now one of my favorites in the yard. The Mockingbirds love this bush and take it over every Spring. Other birds try to enjoy it's shelter and fruits but those Mockers don't let them stay very long. Come Autumn, beautiful orangey berries will load the bushes and replace the white flowers.

My old dishwasher died last summer and I have been washing 4-6 sink full of dishes by hand each day. Boring and hard on my wrists but no more! My new dishwasher was delivered and I can load it up to run once a day now! How much easier and a lot nicer for me to just press a button and walk out while it does all that work!

I noticed that I have some new followers! How fun! I love finding new blogs to add onto my reading list! I have tried to visit your blogs as well but I may have missed a few out of my occasional "now, what I was doing?" moments. If I haven't visited your blogs yet or sent you a thank you for following my blog, let me say thank you now and I will try to get to it as soon as I can! My new followers and visitors are just as important to me as all the others. I added a few new blogs to my sidebar as well!

Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart! Thank you so much for dropping by!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Stitching Weekend!

My stitching order arrived! Fabrics, threads and wonderful charts! Included in my new stash are Christmas Garden by BBD, Gathering Basket by BBD, Hedgerow Birds by BBD (which is due to ship out soon), Wild Rose by BBD, Bless my scissors by NFF, Sergei by PSS and A Stitcher's Heart/Gentle Stitches by LHN and Shakespeare Peddler. Several of these included more than one design to stitch so I feel like I got double the order! And by the way, the soon to be released Mother's Garden by BBD is already on my next list!

One chart that made onto my order list came as a surprise to me. Boris by PSS. We are not pet owners at this time (although we occasionally think about making the leap again). I have always been a dog person and loved having one around. I do miss our sweet Whiner even after all this time. But back to Boris. I have wanted this pattern since Paulette first released it but felt I should wait until we decided to get another dog before adding it to my stash (just my own quirk). Maybe it was his sleepy soulful eyes but it was like picking up a puppy in a pet shop. I caved and brought Boris home!

They are all wonderful designs and several are designated to become pillows for my bench project. I really wrestled on whether to get Christmas Garden. I absolutely love it and all the ones I have seen stitched on other blogs just made me want it even more! But the size! I had promised myself that I would not start another BAP until a few of my WIPs were finished up but those deer, the family initials, the birds and beautiful trees just took control of my senses! I was under the influence of the stitching needle!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stash Fun!

After finishing up my last piece, I took a rest from the needle for several days. Gotta give these old hands a break and get them refreshed for another round! No pictures to post this time but hoping to make up with extras next post!

Harold has been working those awful quirky hours lately. It's always hard on him but it also throws a big kink in everything else around here. Dinner time changes, days get jumbled around and forgotten, regular weekly chores and errands get postponed or skimped on. Life as we know it, takes a back seat for awhile. We are always so glad when it's all over until the next time!

I have had some trouble with Blogger recently. Several times I could not post my pictures and once I could not even find my blog! It had been removed! After some harrowing moments and a lot of deep breathing, everything is running again as it should -- I hope! Has this happened to anyone else?

On to the fun part of this post! Stash! I have been a good girl for the past 3 years only buying what I absolutely need and no more than several charts a year (which doesn't count freebies I happily gathered). My fabrics and threads were beginning to dwindle. I was getting restless seeing so many designs I loved but were not in my stash yet. I finally got the green light to build upon my empire! Stash, fabrics, threads, finishing fabrics and trims and even some framing!

Several pieces are packed up and ready to go to the LNS for framing. They haven't even left the house yet and I can't wait to get them back to show them off! She always does a beautiful job and I can't say I have ever been disappointed. And of course, this splurge will have to include a trip to Mary Jo's fabric shop for finishing fabrics, trims and more. This always takes awhile because the selection is so big plus I like to visit a bit with the gals I used to work with.

I have a new project spinning around in my muddled old brain. The bench in my dining area needs a new look. The bench it's self is fine but I want to put stitched pillows and a basket or two of smaller stitched pillows on it.

That's about all the news this post. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your visits and comments always make my day brighter!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Stitching and Frogging

I haven't been on the computer much recently. My house guest, Mr. Arthur I. Tis has kept me tied up in knots (literally). Each time I do something with my hands, they would cramp up like a clump of twisted vines! I tried out witting him by sneaking in a few chores or stitching here and there but he would soon catch on to my games.

The weather has been just wonderful here the past week! Beautiful Spring like days, temperatures in the 70's or higher and lots of sunshine! A shower or quick thunderstorm every now and then but that's Spring! And I forgot - lots and lots of green pollen covering everything! Ugh. I have ventured outside in the morning hours but come afternoon when it is at it's worst, I hide inside with my stitching (if possible).

I decided that I wanted to finish up several of these smalls I had in my finished pile but where was I going to set up my sewing machine. I used to sew on the kitchen table but the table we have now sits higher and doesn't allow a good view for sewing. I could put a few books in the chair for me to sit on to adjust the problem. No, that would just be uncomfortable. The coffee table? Too low and a cramped space. The computer desk? No available electrical outlets and I hate to unplug anything in that area fearing the whole shabang will crash! So until I find (or make) a place to set up, my small finishing is on hold!

Before the hand cramps started, I was stitching on this wonderfully sweet design by Beth Twist! It is an exclusive design available only to those who participate in her simple rules at Heartstrings Around the World (even though I had to read it several times for it to register). I did change out a few colors since I did not have all the required threads and I was so anxious to start on it! No patience here! I had a little trouble at first with wondering about my color choices, my fabric choice and a herd of frogs invaded my time. Once the frogs left and I got some color stitched into the piece, it has become a fun piece to work on.

I had a hard time deciding on the name to put on this special piece. So many strong and creative women to choose from in our family lines. I kept coming back to my MIL because this verse and the pinks really reminded me of her. I am thinking that I will probably frog out the last line and redo it later when my hands are better as I saw a major boo boo after it was completely done! Why couldn't I notice it sooner?

And last but not least, I thought I would share my TUSAL post (since I can't remember if I am late with it again or not)!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.