Saturday, September 14, 2013

Getting better

I know. I know. I have been awful about blogging this summer but I have been reading all the others I enjoy keeping up with. I don't have the summer vacation or back to school reason to fall back on. I stitched and worked on family history. Unfortunately, I still do not have a finish to show off but I plan to work on getting several WIPs completed. We had several days of an early Fall preview where the days were so chilly, I wore a sweater!

As for me, the big news happened last week. The day after our anniversary and the day before DH's birthday. I had been feeling especially tired and off my game in general. We were at the grocery store when DH noticed I was having trouble breathing. I felt like I would fall on my face. We got out of the store and stopped by the doctor on the way home. Next thing we know, I am on my way to the hospital via ambulance. They were afraid I was having a heart attack at first. After almost a week in the hospital, tons of tests, blood transfusions, lots of poking, proding and constantly feeling like the room was spinning, they came up with the diagnosis that I was on the verge of a bleeding ulcer. I have been taken off all aspirin products. I told the doctor that I was too tired to argue and would follow his orders. After all, he IS the doctor! I have known for some time that I have RA because of my hands, the swelling and the nodules that appear. My doctor set me up with a rheumatologist. Now to find the proper treatment. The summer just slipped away.

As I have said before, I only feed the birds between the months of November to the end of May. This schedule helps them out during the cold winter months and also during nesting season so "mom" can leave the nest and get a quick bite. During the Summer and Fall months, nature provides them with lots of insects, worms and berries on bushes (many planted in our yard). Our yard is not void of activity though during the off months. Butterflies flock to our several butterfly bushes and Hummingbirds are more than abundant at all four feeders around the yard. If the feeders go empty, they do let me know. There is always one or two who are brave enough to fly up to me as I sit on the deck and squeak out their complaint! As I fill the feeders, they hover at a short distance ready to move in for mealtime once I walk away! It was so nice to finally get back home and enjoy my birds and backyard again. I even bought a bag of birdfood to put out early in celebration!

Before I went to the hospital, DH gifted me with Hibernation and The Stars are Brightly Shining by Heartstring Samplery! I can't wait to start them! After I got back home, he took me out for a ride and we ended up at the LNS where I bought A Yuletide Welcome and 1837 Crown Sampler both by Plum Street Samplers! I will post more as I work on them.
Thanks for stopping by. I have missed everyone and I hope the road to recovery is a steady one so I can enjoy all the special aspects of my world.