Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Finishes!

I can't believe that January is almost half gone! I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. It was a quite holiday season around here. I finished up Thomas by NFF right before my birthday in December and decided that he would be my last finish of 2012. The picture was taken a step or two before being completely finished but you get the idea. He is such a handsome fella and that look in his one visible eye says "Don't even think about it" almost like a dare! I already have a place of honor for him to hang after he is framed.Of course, Thanksgiving may never be the same at our house again! LOL On Vonna's advice, I worked on his big fat body a little at a time instead of waiting to do it all at once!
I reall;y don't have any stitching resolutions for 2013 but I do have some ideas. I have plenty of medium to large size charts to keep me busy along with some WIPs. I also joined a SAL for the LHN Virtue series. While waiting for my first LHN Virtues to come in, I decided to kit up some of the charts I got last month and I went ahead and started one of them. My first start of 2013, my first stitch by this designer and so far, I am thrilled with it! Silent Night by Country Cottage Needleworks.
I have bought the threads for LHN's Virtues series. I saw this thread by Wisper. Can you tell in the picture how fuzzy it is? Just like a sheep's wooly coat! I picked up a couple of skeins and may try to use it!
While I was out I picked up this basket in the Christmas sale section. A little too green for my taste but I can tone it down a bit with a coat of stain wiped off. If stain in unavailable a coat of brown acrylic paint lightly brushed on then wiped off quickly has the same effect. I may use this basket for all the other Christmas ornament size pillows I want to make and get a wooden bowl I found to use for Virtues.
It's still Winter outside and our worst weather (sleet and snow) has yet to come. We can get hit by it anytime between December through March, although January and February are the most likely months for us. After the holidays, I pull out my gardening/birding planner for the upcoming Spring. I make a list of what I want to plant in the garden and put out for the birds. I already have two new birdhouses waiting to be put out for nesting season. As for veggies and plants, I have a long list and a good start on my seeds but only time will tell how many I actually get! We skipped on growing tomatoes last year. Not this year! We really missed those Fried Green Tomatoes! Thanks for stopping by!