Monday, January 12, 2015

Keeping my Promise

I made a promise to myself at the first of 2015 that I would stitch more and blog more. Here it is still January and I am making my second blog post. I was so touched by all the comments left on my last post. Yes, it has been a really icky year and a half for me. It seemed like every time something started to get better, something else would flare up!
 I had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor last week. My hip has been giving me a lot of trouble. Trouble a lot worse than just arthritis. There were times I could not  walk and I almost always had to keep my walker near by. It turns out that I have Avasular Crosis which can be caused from long term dosages of prednisone as well as other things.. Luckily they caught it time that hip surgery may not be necessary.
I promised pictures and I am keeping my word. First is a SAL for Ann Tarbox. It  began on January 1st but things were busy around here so I did not begin until January 4th. I have loved this sampler for quite awhile so I was thrilled to find a SAL to give me that push I needed to do it! This is a year long SAL. No rush. 
Next, is a SAL for any pattern by With Thy Needle and Thread. I decided I wanted my first one to be Heap on the Wood. I fell in love with that design and it will be perfect for my Winter wall. Once again it began on January 1st but I have not had a chance to go by the LNS to pick up my chart and threads. I do plan to start on it this month. This is also a year long SAL so I am hoping to get 1 or 2 more WTN&T designs done. 

The Apostle's Creed by MBT is my infusion stitch so it only gets pulled out several times a year (for about a month each time). I have another infusion coming up this Spring so I am hoping to finish it off then. I already have my next infusion stitch kitted up and ready to start on when this one is complete.
While cleaning out my stitching basket which is something I have not done in over a year, I found a WIP of Mary's Sampler by Plum Street Samplers. So many of you finished this off in no time and they were all beautiful which is what made me decide to do it for myself. I have no time frame set up for this WIP but I do plan to finish it off sometime during this year!
Last for this show and tell post, is another WIP that I started last year then stopped working on because of my health. Wild Berries by Blackbird Designs. It's funny how taste changes as we see what others are stitching and how they are displaying it. This one will go on my future (that I hope to have a start on this year) Birds/Alphabet sampler wall. Another picture from the web since my camera is on loan.
Once again I missed the sign up deadline for Stitch From Stash so I will do it on my own like I did last year.. I did enjoy it enjoy it last year and I saved a lot by thinking twice before spending. I will give myself a spending limit of $25 a month which only includes charts and threads. My Grumpy ol' Gazer usually gets several a year framed for me as a gift. And I have a good stash of fabric so I seldom need to buy it unless it for a special piece.
I am sorry there are no pictures this time but either my computer or blogger is not co-operating today. I will show pictures of my last framing bunch on my next post. Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.

Sunday, January 04, 2015


I have listed a number of charts I no longer need or will probably never get around to stitching on my Wishlist/Sale blog and the link is also in the column to the right.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

I Am Back For a New Year

Remember me? It has been a long time since my last post and I wish I had some exciting reasons to give for my absence. I have been trying to keep up with the blogs I like to read. I have had several more stays in the hospital not to mention a handful of other things that have gone haywire in the health department for me.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that 2015 will be a much better year!

I noticed that I have a few new followers. Welcome! I just love the fact that people actually are interested in what I say and stitch.

I feel like my stitching has suffered horribly this summer with all the hospital trips and just feeling rotten in general. The Apostle's Creed by MBT had started out as my project to take to infusion treatments last year and it is making progress. The women there just love to ohhh and ahhh over my work. I even met one nurse there who told me about her cross stitch projects. It should be finished before the end of the year and I have already chosen Our Father by MBT as my next infusion project.

While sorting out my stash, I have posted some I no longer need or just don't see myself getting around to. They are listed on my Wishlist page (link in the side right column). 

I certainly did not get my 2014 stitching list completed. Well, there is always this year! I have made my tentative list which includes samplers, some winter themes and of course a Christmas stitch or two. I have joined several SAL groups. Maybe these will get my mojo fired back up. As for my 2014 SFS challenge, I did great!  I will post some pictures next post. My camera is in my closet for now and I don't really feel like entering no man's land just yet.

Thanks for stopping by and for not forgetting me! Until next time may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.