Thursday, March 21, 2013

Before the End

I thought I would make another post before the end of the month sneaks up on me again! We had a glorious taste of Spring last weekend only to be thrown back into Winter this week.

I started on the sweet little free sampler by Kathy after my last post and I finished it up over the weekend. I chose to work on 18 ct. Aida Fiddler's Cloth and used a variety of DMC threads. This is the kind of sampler I like to work on. Enough to show off the alphabet and some cute motifs but small enough to get it done quickly so I can move on to the next sampler.

I made another trip to my LNS to take advantage of their framing sale (since I only do this once a year). I know I said I would be stitching from my stash for a while but I saw several designs that really wanted to come back home with me! I picked up the new chart Needleworker by LHN. Love this. Here is a picture of my progress so far. I also picked up Sarah E. Schall 1850 by Heartstring Samplery. This was not a new chart but it was to me. How did I miss ever seeing this? I can't wait to start this one!

Finding something to eat on Friday during Lent is somewhat of a challenge around here. I have plenty of choices but not one that everyone agrees on. I finally decided to make Fridays "do for yourself" meal day. If the boys want a cheese pizza, they can get it. DH and I are fine with tomato soup and a good grilled cheese. To liven up the same plain 'recipe' for I have used for so many years I have given it several new twists.

Twist #1 - I add some sliced jalapeno peppers in between the cheese slices before grilling. That gives this old stand by sandwich some real kick!

Twist #2 - I call this one my Extreme Grilled Cheese. On Youtube it is called an Inside Out Grilled Cheese. First get a GOOD non stick pan to use for making this. Believe me, this is a must unless you like a really messy clean up. Use either potato bread or white bread. They just grill better. Save the whole wheat bread for a turkey sandwich later.

Get your sandwich ready. I use a little mayo on each slice of bread then instead of American cheese slices, I cut strips off a block of sharp cheddar cheese, making them a little thicker than the usual processed cheese slices.

Put a tablespoon of butter in the pan to melt instead of on the bread. Put in your sandwich. Let side 1 get a golden brown. Flip to brown side 2. While side 2 is browning, add some more cheese to the outside of side 1. Some people use a combo of Mexican cheese mix and crumbled Feta cheese. Others use shredded Mozzarella and shredded Parmesan. It is your preference. After side 2 is brown, flip back to side 1 and let that cheese get nice and carmelized. Repeat for side 2. You will have to add more butter to the pan as needed. *using my best italian accent* Moma Mia! That's a lot a cheese!
Thanks for stopping by! I do enjoy your visits!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring is Around the Corner

I meant to post before the end of February but..... It seems like everything has been up in the air around here for the past several months. Too much to go into details about. Besides I don't want to sound like I am throwing myself a pity party and I really want to move on and away from all the hullabalu that was our life for several months. I did get a post in before the end of March. *giving myself a fist bump* No pictures this time around. Maybe by my next post, I will be back "in the groove".

The past several winter months have been very dreary, weather wise. Lots and lots of rain. Cold wind. Many days of overcast skies. But we did have a beautiful snowfall. It was a "here today, gone tomorrow" type of snow. Now Spring is around the corner and I am getting excited about planting veggies and flowers. I love the longer hours at the end of the day and I love listening to the birds sing and chirp during all this wonderful weather.

 What I don't love are the allergies that accompany Spring. This year has already proved it will be a doozie and the pollen hasn't even reached it's peak yet! I have already had a swollen lip, swollen side of my face, sore throat, swollen glands and lots of itching with tiny red bumps.

  During the time I was away from blogging, a lot of other things were put on hold as well. The one thing I really missed was my stitching. I had such grand plans for my stitching in 2013 and I felt I got off to a wonderful start then it all sort of got devoured in the quicksand of life! For now, I will resume my stitching with what I have in my stash and I do have plenty to choose from! I am sure that I will order a few new things on down the road but not right now.

I am finally able to pull my stitching back out but am having a hard time deciding what to begin working on! I have narrowed it down to a small stack of 6 designs. Why is it so hard for me to make a simple decision? Then I saw the new freebie by Kathy. Love the alphabet, love the birds and love that I can choose my own colors! I went my LNS to drop off some items for framing. I still have others from last year that have not been hung up yet!

  That's about it for now. Next time I will share photos and here's hoping a more upbeat post! Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits.