Thursday, March 21, 2013

Before the End

I thought I would make another post before the end of the month sneaks up on me again! We had a glorious taste of Spring last weekend only to be thrown back into Winter this week.

I started on the sweet little free sampler by Kathy after my last post and I finished it up over the weekend. I chose to work on 18 ct. Aida Fiddler's Cloth and used a variety of DMC threads. This is the kind of sampler I like to work on. Enough to show off the alphabet and some cute motifs but small enough to get it done quickly so I can move on to the next sampler.

I made another trip to my LNS to take advantage of their framing sale (since I only do this once a year). I know I said I would be stitching from my stash for a while but I saw several designs that really wanted to come back home with me! I picked up the new chart Needleworker by LHN. Love this. Here is a picture of my progress so far. I also picked up Sarah E. Schall 1850 by Heartstring Samplery. This was not a new chart but it was to me. How did I miss ever seeing this? I can't wait to start this one!

Finding something to eat on Friday during Lent is somewhat of a challenge around here. I have plenty of choices but not one that everyone agrees on. I finally decided to make Fridays "do for yourself" meal day. If the boys want a cheese pizza, they can get it. DH and I are fine with tomato soup and a good grilled cheese. To liven up the same plain 'recipe' for I have used for so many years I have given it several new twists.

Twist #1 - I add some sliced jalapeno peppers in between the cheese slices before grilling. That gives this old stand by sandwich some real kick!

Twist #2 - I call this one my Extreme Grilled Cheese. On Youtube it is called an Inside Out Grilled Cheese. First get a GOOD non stick pan to use for making this. Believe me, this is a must unless you like a really messy clean up. Use either potato bread or white bread. They just grill better. Save the whole wheat bread for a turkey sandwich later.

Get your sandwich ready. I use a little mayo on each slice of bread then instead of American cheese slices, I cut strips off a block of sharp cheddar cheese, making them a little thicker than the usual processed cheese slices.

Put a tablespoon of butter in the pan to melt instead of on the bread. Put in your sandwich. Let side 1 get a golden brown. Flip to brown side 2. While side 2 is browning, add some more cheese to the outside of side 1. Some people use a combo of Mexican cheese mix and crumbled Feta cheese. Others use shredded Mozzarella and shredded Parmesan. It is your preference. After side 2 is brown, flip back to side 1 and let that cheese get nice and carmelized. Repeat for side 2. You will have to add more butter to the pan as needed. *using my best italian accent* Moma Mia! That's a lot a cheese!
Thanks for stopping by! I do enjoy your visits!


Margaret said...

Oh, nice! Love the freebie finish! Needleworker is looking good too! I like both!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Sweet freebie finish and I like the Needleworker piece. I'd like to stitch that one soon.

Deb said...

Wonderful finish and the Needleworker is looking great. I love your idea of grilled cheese with jalapenos - we go through the same thing on Fridays and I know that my daughter would be all over that sandwich.

Carolyn NC said...

Cute finish! Great progress on Needleworker, too - great piece! And now I'm hungry...LOL

escortinpune said...
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