Tuesday, January 30, 2007

January ends

Alot of the message board people have gone to CHA and the message boards already seem SO lonely!! I need my chatter and gab! I can feel comfort in knowing that they will be picking out some wonderful goodies to stock the stores with! So for now I will scrap and wait for everyone to return so the chatter can resume then all the new goodies will be arriving soon!

My youngest ds went to register to vote after much lecturing from us about how it was his duty to show his support and vote. He received a letter the other day by registered mail from the County Board of Elections saying he had been denied voting privileges because after careful investigation it was determined that he WAS NOT a citizen of the United States!! ROFL! Uhhhh, I beg to differ with them! I should know. After all, I WAS THERE! So obviously their investigation wasn't as careful as they claim it was! LOL!

Whiner has started his new medication and to be honest I am already NOT very happy with it. I realize it has only been 3 days but is he really supposed to get worse before he gets better! Since he started the medicine we have noticed a BIG change in him and it is definitely for the worse!

If there is one I hate, it's being the new kid on the block in a new scrapbooking message board! I like to feel established (so to speak) with my roots firmly planted so I tend to shy away from joining too many new boards for that reason (as you can see in my sidebar links). However, the gals at Scrapper's Bliss have made being the "new kid' a very enjoyable experience and I plan on hanging around for quite awhile to let my roots grow firm and strong!

For some reason I can no longer get onto several of the message boards I have frequented in the past. It has happened before for short periods of time then we would be able to fix it by adjusting or changing the settings on our computer. I have not been able to acquire access to a few of these boards for over a month now and we have tried everything to no avail! I am no longer trying on a daily basis but I occasionally give it a try with no luck. Some people have told me it's possibly my server but we just aren't ready to change to another one yet.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Good News, Bad News

My biggest fear is becoming a realization. I took Whiner in to see the vet only to be sent home because of an emergency that arrived while we were waiting. We went back later in the day. It was a good news, bad news type of visit. We are going to put him on some medication that will hopefully help ease the confusion he suffers from but there are other things that just can't be "fixed". The vet wants me to start preparing for the inevitable decision. It won't happen immediately but he feels I need to start preparing myself so that I can come to terms with it emotionally.

On a brighter note, I am loving all the CHA sneak peeks popping up around the web right now. I need to form a game plan of sorts but that is almost impossible to stick with once all of these wonderful supplies begin to roll into the stores!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

More Momisms

Here are some of my Being Mom pages for the 6x6 album I am working on. I have had to take a break from it for now. Other projects and commitments are calling my name and Whiner is needing alot more attention these days. We are even beginning to think it may be time to put him to rest. I hate thinking about it but watching him get worse each day just breaks my heart. No major decisions right away until we have discussed it more and definitely talk with his vet.

Friday, January 05, 2007

New Project

At the beginning of the week, I started a new 6x6 mini book about being a mom! I have been doing a page a day and it has been fun remembering fun things I've said to the kids or they have said to me over the years. Some of them weren't so funny at the time but in looking back, I managed to get a chuckle! I thought it would be fun to put this book together and hopefully one day when my boys pick it up they will also be flooded with fond (and funny) memories. This is the cover and I will post more later!