Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stash Fun!

After finishing up my last piece, I took a rest from the needle for several days. Gotta give these old hands a break and get them refreshed for another round! No pictures to post this time but hoping to make up with extras next post!

Harold has been working those awful quirky hours lately. It's always hard on him but it also throws a big kink in everything else around here. Dinner time changes, days get jumbled around and forgotten, regular weekly chores and errands get postponed or skimped on. Life as we know it, takes a back seat for awhile. We are always so glad when it's all over until the next time!

I have had some trouble with Blogger recently. Several times I could not post my pictures and once I could not even find my blog! It had been removed! After some harrowing moments and a lot of deep breathing, everything is running again as it should -- I hope! Has this happened to anyone else?

On to the fun part of this post! Stash! I have been a good girl for the past 3 years only buying what I absolutely need and no more than several charts a year (which doesn't count freebies I happily gathered). My fabrics and threads were beginning to dwindle. I was getting restless seeing so many designs I loved but were not in my stash yet. I finally got the green light to build upon my empire! Stash, fabrics, threads, finishing fabrics and trims and even some framing!

Several pieces are packed up and ready to go to the LNS for framing. They haven't even left the house yet and I can't wait to get them back to show them off! She always does a beautiful job and I can't say I have ever been disappointed. And of course, this splurge will have to include a trip to Mary Jo's fabric shop for finishing fabrics, trims and more. This always takes awhile because the selection is so big plus I like to visit a bit with the gals I used to work with.

I have a new project spinning around in my muddled old brain. The bench in my dining area needs a new look. The bench it's self is fine but I want to put stitched pillows and a basket or two of smaller stitched pillows on it.

That's about all the news this post. Thanks so much for stopping by. Your visits and comments always make my day brighter!


Margaret said...

Well that's scary that you lost your blog for a while! Eek! Nope, never has happened to me, knock on wood. As for the messed up schedules, I know that feeling as far as dinner goes at least. With DS doing rehearsals for his school musical, the dinner hour has to be moved depending on what his times are. I'd love to see pics of your stash!

Littlebit said...

It's good to see you again, Sherry! I haven't lost my blog so far, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. I can't wait to see framed works! Glad you were able to help the economy out. LOL.

marly said...

Can't wait to see the upcoming show and tell.

Shirlee said...

I like your ideas for the bench!

Deb said...

Blogger has been giving people all kinds of fits right now. Thanks goodness your blog didn't completely disappear!!

Edgar said...

Sorry about the Blogger issues - I think they are happening across the board to lots of folks. Can't wait to see your framed pieces

Vanessa said...

Hi Sherry! I love your new stash items. They are just my style. Can't wait to see your framing when it is done. I have been a reader of your blog for a while now and have recently started one of my own. Hope you have a chance to stop by. Have a great day!