Monday, April 02, 2012

Stitching and Frogging

I haven't been on the computer much recently. My house guest, Mr. Arthur I. Tis has kept me tied up in knots (literally). Each time I do something with my hands, they would cramp up like a clump of twisted vines! I tried out witting him by sneaking in a few chores or stitching here and there but he would soon catch on to my games.

The weather has been just wonderful here the past week! Beautiful Spring like days, temperatures in the 70's or higher and lots of sunshine! A shower or quick thunderstorm every now and then but that's Spring! And I forgot - lots and lots of green pollen covering everything! Ugh. I have ventured outside in the morning hours but come afternoon when it is at it's worst, I hide inside with my stitching (if possible).

I decided that I wanted to finish up several of these smalls I had in my finished pile but where was I going to set up my sewing machine. I used to sew on the kitchen table but the table we have now sits higher and doesn't allow a good view for sewing. I could put a few books in the chair for me to sit on to adjust the problem. No, that would just be uncomfortable. The coffee table? Too low and a cramped space. The computer desk? No available electrical outlets and I hate to unplug anything in that area fearing the whole shabang will crash! So until I find (or make) a place to set up, my small finishing is on hold!

Before the hand cramps started, I was stitching on this wonderfully sweet design by Beth Twist! It is an exclusive design available only to those who participate in her simple rules at Heartstrings Around the World (even though I had to read it several times for it to register). I did change out a few colors since I did not have all the required threads and I was so anxious to start on it! No patience here! I had a little trouble at first with wondering about my color choices, my fabric choice and a herd of frogs invaded my time. Once the frogs left and I got some color stitched into the piece, it has become a fun piece to work on.

I had a hard time deciding on the name to put on this special piece. So many strong and creative women to choose from in our family lines. I kept coming back to my MIL because this verse and the pinks really reminded me of her. I am thinking that I will probably frog out the last line and redo it later when my hands are better as I saw a major boo boo after it was completely done! Why couldn't I notice it sooner?

And last but not least, I thought I would share my TUSAL post (since I can't remember if I am late with it again or not)!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time, may you have simple days and an uncluttered heart.


Margaret said...

What a bummer about your arthritis. I love your finish -- so pretty! Nice to honor your MIL too. Do you really have to frog the last line? Looks great to me. I hate frogs -- sounds like you had too many around! Anyway, beautiful finish!

Shirlee said...

So sorry to hear about Arthur. He is an unwelcome guest in many a home : ( Your Beth Twist start looks great!

Laurie in Iowa said...

The sampler is so pretty and a lovely tribute to your MIL. So sorry to hear that your arthritis is giving you fits.

Lana said...

Your sampler is gorgeous!

Deborah said...

Sorry about Arthur. Hope they start to feel better soon. Beautiful sampler.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sherry - Claritin and I are good friends this time of year - lots of stuff blooming in Arizona!

Lovely sampler finish (even if you have a little frogging left to do. Happens to all of us!)

Hope you have a pleasant holiday weekend with hands that feel better and some good stitching time.