Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Long?

When I saw how long it had been (once again) since my last blog post, I began to wonder just what had kept me so busy. Well, as usual things are hectic around here and life tends to flow over the rim every now and then but was also that time of year again when the weather is like a roller coaster. One day will be warm and sunny then the next day will be shivering cold with overcast skies and rain. My arthritis acts up more during these times and so do my allergies. Harold has the same issues and we both feel totally void of all energy while Mother Nature plays these tricks and I get very little stitching done. If someone (who did not know about our old people ailments) were to come over to see us during these several months, they would think zombies lived here!

Hip hip hooray! Daylight Savings Time has arrived again. I miss that hour of sleep that is lost in the transition because my internal clocks just doesn't acknowledge DST but I do enjoy the longer days. My forsythia is putting out a few blooms and other trees are budding and blooming! The birds are singing constantly and loudly! It's nesting season and their songs always lift my "stuck in the house over the winter" blues! Each season and time change offer something to enjoy!

I can say I am on the home stretch with PSS Favorite Spot Sampler now! It is going to be bigger than I had thought it would be but that just means that there will be more of it to enjoy!I had so much fun stitching up Paulette's Poor Maidens and this piece has been a joy to work on also!

I had made a promise to myself at the first of the year that I would stitch at least one small each month. Here we are into the third month of year and I only had one small completed! I went through my box of freebies and smalls and picked up this one by The Primitive Hare. I first began working on my normal 18ct. Aida but I could tell immediately that it was going to end up being much larger than I wanted so I started over using 28ct. Monaco evenweave. Other than hardanger, I have not used a smaller count so this was going to be a challenge as well a teaching piece. It still needs to be finished off but I can say I am happy with the stitching on it.

I have a special box that holds patterns when they are completed and I can go through them occasionally to decide whether to keep them or share them. I just love to open this box and put another finished chart in there. My goal is to get this box as full as my stash to do box!

While I was so intent on sorting through everything, I went through my box of completed pieces. I have more than I thought and a couple I had forgotten about that need to be attended to. Several will be framed. Several will be ornament size pillows for my bowls. Several will be larger size pillows. I haven't pulled out my sewing machine in ages so I may have to use some old fabric to practice and get re-acquainted with her before going on to finishing.

My TUSAL jar fell off the table and broke. It was too much trouble to try to separate the threads from the broken glass so I just chucked it all and started over! I looked around the house for an empty jar and found this little one to use. It isn't as full as the other jar but at least I finally got around to posting a picture of it!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I always enjoy your visits and comments. Have a wonderful week and I hope you are getting some of this beautiful weather!


marly said...

Hi Sherry! You are no-reply so I couldn't answer your question other than here. Yes the Gold Santa is very hard to find but I called Attic Needlework not long ago and they had it. They may have more and in case you're interested, I wanted to let you know. And I found another great blog in this process!!

Littlebit said...

Its good to see you again, Sherry! We are having the same spring weather, and I sound like a little piglet scratching my throat! It usually lasta for two weeks, and it just started yesterday.
Cute small..look forward to seeing how you finish it.

Margaret said...

I hate the time change -- getting up in the dark is no fun. I hope your arthritis gets better so you can stitch more. I do love Paulette's designs!

Brigitte said...

Sorry to hear that this lovely spring weather always brings back your allergies so that you can't thoroughly enjoy everything outside.
I often go through my box with finished stitching just to have the feeling of accomplishment again. And yes, I should go and finish some of these pieces too, lol.

Siobhán said...

What a cute small! I hope your arthritis settles down. We change our clocks this weekend--not looking forward to the time adjustment, but the extra daylight in the evenings will be nice.