Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my husband!

I didn't do as much on AAFG the past few days as I had hoped to get done. Possibly because Harold is taking some time off and we have either been busy around the house or taking off in the car! That's alright but I will wait until next week to post a picture of my progress so that by then I will have had a chance to do even more and it will look like I have really done a whole lot! LOL!

I have decided that when we finish painting the two major rooms this week that I would like to designate two walls for special cross stitch pieces! In the dining area, a forest wall. where cross stitch pieces of trees, birds (I have a lot of charts that will fit into this category) and forest critters will reside. In the living area, a Home Sweet Home wall. This wall will be home to cross stitch pieces with houses or anything homey! These will be the two walls I would like to concentrate on for awhile and should keep me busy even longer! Especially along with all my other projects! I have wonderful intentions and hope to carry through with them!

Awhile back, our local fabric shop (and where I used to work) had some cross stitch fabric on sale. Aida 14 count. Ten Yards. 60 inches wide. Rolled on a tube. $10. What a deal! It sold out in no time but I was lucky enough to grab one of them!

Painting update! The ceilings in the hall, living and dining areas are done! We really should be on the home stretch by now instead of just beginning! I wonder if we will be able to finish this up by the end of the week. Probably so. We just have the walls to paint now and then put everything back! Everyone had best help to keep the walls really clean because I don't want to have to paint again for a long time! It's too much work to take everything down, prep, paint and hang everything back up!

Today's picture is of a lone flower growing by the side of the road.

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