Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Birds and Trees

Where do Christmas trees come from? Why, Christmas Tree Farms, of course! This picture was taken earlier this summer on one of our day trips and I totally forgot about it with so many other things going on! We saw oodles of Christmas Tree Farms like this one while in the mountains and it really put us in an early holiday mood! Ho Ho Ho!

Time to update my Wishlist and some of the links on my sidebar!

Harold is working extra hours for awhile. Until this job is finished my calendar is totally turned around for awhile! Sunday seems like Monday. Thursday seems like Saturday. Monday seems like Friday. Hopefully this won't last very long. For awhile I have to find recipes to make for dinner that I can fix early enough for me and the boys to eat and being able to reheat (or keep hot) for Harold when he gets home a few hours later without that stale "nuked" taste.

Cooking for the birds! Yep, you read right! Even our feathered friends enjoy a nice homebaked meal from time to time! Next time you have a little time to spare, try out this recipe. Your backyard buddies will thank you!

Seed Cornbread
Get a package of cornbread mix.
Prepare it as directed on the package except add an extra egg (egg shells crumbled into the mixture also.)
Add 1 c. bird seed. (I often add some dried fruit and nuts as well)
If the mixture is too dry, add a little more water.
Bake as directed on package. Cool.

Cut into serving size pieces. Freeze in small freezer bags until needed. Defrost and crumble into pieces onto a platform feeder and watch your birds devour it!

I am looking to comfort myself with a nice order. Cross stitch. Scrapbooking. Maybe a little of both?

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