Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Home stretch

I ordered the rug for the living area and it is pictured at the side! Not the one I originally intended to get but I have drooled over this one for several years and it went on sale at a price to fit my budget! It feels like we are on the home stretch to getting this place fixed up -- finally! Alot of things are either not in our budget right now or not possible to do because of the way the house was built but we have done what we can and are happy! We are doing the best with what we have and who can ask for more!

I spent yesterday hanging the rest of the items back on the walls. We got the last few shelves back up last night. A few new things were put up and a few empty spaces remain because of the spots have been reserved for future cross stitch pieces (some in progress and others that will be started soon)! Stop by Friday to find out what my new starts are! Nothing like a new look!

I feel like my stitching has suffered the past week with turning the house upside down to paint and then all the time to put everything back! I am hoping the furniture store calls today and says the chairs are ready to deliver! A stitching chair is just what I need to get back on track! *big grin*

I want to start a new mini album and decided to do one from one of our day trips this summer. I will still have more day trips to scrap along with plenty of other themes but this will be a fun one to start with!

The mail man brought my new Gooseberry Christmas book for my preview. I will definitely be keeping it!

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Anonymous said...

Sherry, I LOVE your blog!!

Love, love, love the rug too!