Monday, September 03, 2007

Don't Wear White After Labor Day! LOL!

Happy Labor Day!

I worked on the Willow Tree Sampler for a few nights again. It seems to be moving along quicker now. Maybe I just needed a break from it so I could see the progress better!

I keep finding more and more designs I want to start! For those of you with more than 3 WIP, how DO you do it? Right now my stitching schedule includes working on The Willow Tree Sampler for 3 nights and then working on And A Forest Grew for 3 nights. The seventh night is used for whatever my heart desires. Usually TV! I finally got a link for my wishlist posted in the sidebar of my blog! YEA if for no other reason than making it easy for myself!

What a big week we have ahead of us! Wednesday is our 31st anniversary. Friday is Harold's birthday. Saturday is my 5 month anniversary of quitting smoking! Plus new chairs for the living area, we will pick up our new glasses, get the rug for the living area ordered and hopefully get a little painting done around the house!


Mindi said...

I find I really need to have multiple WIPs going on, or I get bored with one and just stop stitching. When I start to get a restless feeling with one (find excuses to keep getting up from my stitching) I know its time to move to something else. But, I really could learn some discipline from people that only work on 1 or 2 projects at a time. I don't need to have 7-10 things going at once.

Kathryn said...

Agreed. I need to have several projects going at once for variety's sake. Even though I haven't worked on something for months (or years) somehow it doesn't feel like a UFO to me. It just seems like something that I will work on "later". The only real UFOs I have are two needlepoint projects that are over 20 years old. And someday, even those will get some progress.

Congratulations on 31 years! We just celebrated our 34th and James birthday is the 10th.

Joanie said...

I manage my multiple WIPs badly, I am afraid to admit. I have startitus and get caught up in the beautiful things everyone is stitching. I've noticed that I tend to stitch on one thing exclusively when I do want to finish it.
Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! We celebrated 28 in June.