Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Beginnings and Sad Goodbyes

It's a new week and lots of new things going on! New chairs, new cross stitch starts begin this week, new glasses (I decided to get a second pair in large frames!), a new TV, my new rug has been shipped and a new stand for the TV. I hate to write about everything in one blog post and possibly miss some great details so I will spread out everything over the course of this week!

I love our new chairs! Especially mine! The print is so yummy and the picture doesn't do it justice! I bought that wonderful stitching basket a while back on sale with the intentions of putting it beside my chair when it arrived. Harold was a sweetie and installed the wall lamp to give me some extra light while I stitch! I can vision many projects being worked on (and finished) in this chair!

Over the weekend we made a quick Wally World stop and I grabbed several BIG handfuls of DMC that was on clearance! The selection was already mighty thin but I was able to get 30 skeins of floss for $3.00! A lot of greens which will probably come in handy on AAFG! What a great buy!

We finally got rain that was needed so desperately and it was extremely welcome! I'm sure the plants are much happier with a fresh rain shower than with a substitute soaking via the hose!

We went to the lake over the weekend. My BIL and SIL have boat and took us out. What a great time! I am already looking forward to going out on the lake with them again!

On a sad note, tomorrow we will be taking Whiner into the vet's to be put down after 17 years of loving companionship. I have already done so much of my grieving as I have known for quite awhile this was inevitable. It just took awhile longer for other family members to finally accept it. The thought of walking through a house without his presence is very upsetting.

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Joanie said...

Love your chair and all the new things about your house and you!

My heart goes out to you about Whiner. I put my Woobie to rest in January and it was so hard but it was the best thing I could do for him. ((((HUGS))))