Sunday, September 23, 2007

Section One

Is almost complete. By the time I do another update, I should be well into section two after a run to pick up some needed thread colors.

As I worked on And A Forest Grew this week, I felt a certain peace. I even found myself smiling. For some reason it managed to help comfort me. So much of it has reminded me of Whiner and how he loved to walk in the backyard near the wooded area with the birds and other small wildlife critters.

For those who have inquired, I am starting to do better. I definitely feel better since bringing Whiner's ashes back home. Like Harold said "this is where he belongs". His memorial stone arrived yesterday and has been set out. The area looks lovely (which is also a comfort).


Carol said...

AAFG looks wonderful. You are very right - it is a lovely stitch :-)

Michelle said...

AAFG looks beautiful! I am so glad that it is giving you some comfort too.

Anonymous said...

This looks really cute. Is it finished yet? Love ya, Jana