Sunday, September 02, 2007

September Goals

I was busy yesterday and didn't get a chance to post my goals for Sept. Here we go!

1. Continue working on building up my stash -- YES
2. Post to some group blogs -- NO
3. Work on some finishing techniques -- Not as much as I would like
4. Complete at least 2 projects this month -- YES
5. Print out some freebies -- YES
6. Finish up Their Song -- YES

1. Continue working on And A Forest Grew
2. Complete Willow Tree Sampler
3. Get new chairs for house
4. Get new rug for living area
5. At least one new stitching start
6. Stitch no less than 2 smalls
7. Paint the kitchen

1 comment:

Mindi said...

Good luck on your goals! I've decided I just use mine as a guide, not set in stone.