Thursday, September 13, 2007

Nature's Bounty

These pictures were taken when we took a day trip to Grandfather Mountain this summer. So much beautiful nature. What a great place to refresh your soul and spirit! And yes, we were at the top of the mountain and the clouds danced around our ankles as we walked!

A lot of people have asked just how close I was to the Mountain Lion to get this picture. LOL! Actually -- TOO CLOSE! Even though you are walking above the animal's habitat area, it is not caged. These mountain lions CAN JUMP HIGH enough to get out if provoked! While we were admiring these beauties, Harold turned to me and said "That mountain lion sure is staring mighty hard at you, Sherry". He wasn't staring at me but at the little girl next to me (about 3 years old) that kept screaming with an excited high pitch voice "I see Tigers! I see Tigers!" Maybe he didn't like her high pitched screaming or maybe he didn't appreciate the fact she mistook him for a Tiger. Whatever the reason, I moved away from her! There is a reason they have up signs that say DO NOT TEASE, SCREAM AT OR PROVOKE THE MOUNTAIN LIONS.

Stitchy News! My JSC Ornament issue arrived yesterday! Lots of drooling while I thumbed through it!

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Barbeeque4 said...

What lovely pictures. I really love the area around GFTHR MTN. :)