Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Fresh. New. Clean!

Yesterday we ordered what will be my chair for the living area. I wanted a different fabric on it than was on it at the store so it has to be special ordered and should be in within the next 10 days (I hope). The chair that will be Harold's is in stock at the store so about mid week, we will go and pay for it so they can deliver it.

Today we start painting! I walked around the rooms last night taking things down from the walls and removing nails! I hate the thought of having to re-hang it all but knowing we will have fresh newly painted walls makes it worthwhile!

An update to my wishlist and another chart added FOR TRADE.

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Anonymous said...

Sherry... with all these cross-stitch things you keep showing, you are really putting me in the mood to stitch again! I love the ones you are working on!!