Friday, August 31, 2007

Sight Unseen

Yesterday we went for a long overdue eye check up and picked out the frames for our new eye glass prescriptions! I went with a totally different look than in the past years. Smaller wire frames instead of large plastic ones. We should have our new glasses sometime next week! But with dilated eyes for the majority of the afternoon and then using the drops I was given my eyes were feeling very weak so there was no stitching for me last night.

I did work on AAFG for several nights previously to get a start on it. So far I am really enjoying it!

I was able to get a free back copy of The Gift of Stitching from a coupon in Just Cross Stitch. I was extremely impressed with this online magazine! So much so that I subscribed!


Mindi said...

AAFG is looking great, very nice start. I have this, and think eventually I'll do it using all leftover flosses - overdyed, cotton, silk. If its green, it will get used here.

Gift of Stitching is a fantastic magazine, I hope you enjoy your subscription as much as I've enjoyed mine.

Amy said...

Woohoo Sherry ... can;t wait to see your pic with your new glasses!!!!!!!

Amy (momtorachel)