Thursday, August 16, 2007

Drum Roll........

Big scare this morning! DS got up extra early and decided to take Whiner out. He turned on the outside lights since it was still dark and set Whiner on the ground. Suddenly he noticed 3 big raccoons within several feet of them! He was able to scoop up Whiner and get back in the house before the raccoons decided this area was THEIR territory and attacked! He came inside out of breath but poor little ol blind Whiner was oblivious to it all.

FINISHED! That's right! I said I would complete THEIR SONGS by the end of the week and I did it! I am so thrilled with it! Unfortunately, I can't get the picture to load but I will keep trying! I did make a few variations which is ok since it is for me! I can't shout it out enough -- IT'S FINISHED!

A picture of another word in my kitchen! And some good advice to live by!


Carol said...

Congratulatiosns - I can't wait to see the photo! And, oh my, what a great save by your DS!! That would have been tragic!!! {{{HUGS}}}

Vonna said...

SIMPLIFY and here's a word to go with it AMEN! LOL! I agree totally! I love btw all your decorations in your home. That is a big hit with me to see how others decorate...I find it interesting and plus I get a lot of GOOD ideas :) I have roosters and hens in my kitchen too!

Can't wait to see TS :) HURRAY for you!

I'm glad that everyone escaped the wrath of the racoons!