Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Here is an updated picture of my Willow Tree Sampler WIP. It isn't moving along quite as quickly as I had thought it would but it does help that the color changes are few and far between! My goal was to work on this piece for a week (and obtain a good head start) before beginning another start. It has been a week and I have achieved my goal so now I can begin another piece. And with that being said, I have made the first stitches on a new start - And A Forest Grew! A big project but what a awesome piece to have in your stitching portfolio.

After pulling out all my mini albums I am even more hooked on these scrapping delights! I have made up a list of various topics I want to use for themes on these books. We took a lot of day trips over the summer and the pictures are still waiting to be scrapped in their own mini books! I have several I want to finish up first (Being a Mom and Blessings) then I can begin on these!


Carol said...

Nice progress Sherry!

Vonna said...

That is quite a start! Great job!

Barbeeque4 said...

Looks great Sherry!!!!!!