Friday, August 24, 2007

Weather Forecast

I ordered this new thimble cabinet. It will hold up to 59 thimbles and/or miniatures. I like the glass door feature on it that makes it hard for dust to gather on the items inside the cabinet! The less dusting, the better! And a lot of room for adding new thimbles to my collection!

The past several evenings, Harold and I have sat on the porch and watched lightening dance in the distance! Somewhere, someone is getting some good storms but it isn't us! We are hopeful these storms will move towards us and grace us with some needed rain but they haven't yet!

I have a completed project to report. I have completed my part of the DML Circle Journal and it will be on it's way home to Vicki tomorrow! She is going to have a wonderful journal and I love the paper bag album she made for this!

I am going to work on my current WIP for several more nights and allow myself a nice head start before beginning a new piece! But I did get several new charts that I am looking forward to starting on! SOON!

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BethieJ said...

Hi Sherry!!!! :)
Just wanted to pop in and see how you were doing!!
I LOVE that thimble it is so cute with the ferries on it!!!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!