Monday, August 27, 2007

Making it Home Monday

While we were out yesterday I made a quick run into the craft store to pick up some threads for my current cross stitch WIP. I meant to run right in, pick up the threads, pay and leave. 1 - 2 - 3 easy as pie. But as always my eyes were looking for those marked down prices whether I realize it or not!
And I did find a yummy bargain! A wonderful iron wall sconce complete with a glass hurricane to hold the candle. I have admired these for a few years in some of the country catalogs I shop from but never took the leap to buy one. Now I have one and can't wait to put it up after we paint! But for now it goes into the pile of things I have been accumulating "to put up on the walls after we paint" and then I will have lots of new pictures to share!

While picking up a few items from the grocery store over the weekend, I noticed a very nice wire basket. Hmmmmm. I had been thinking about getting one from another place that was smaller and more expensive. I decided to get the bigger, less expensive one at the grocery store. When I got it home I had to find a good purpose for it. It didn't take me long. I pulled out all my mini albums and piled them into the wire basket! What a great place for them and I can slide the basket in and out of the bookcase whenever I want to look at (or work on) one of my mini treasures!

RAIN! We finally got some last night. It came down hard for awhile and there was more while we slept! It did cool the temps down quite a bit which was a blessing in it's self! Our local newspaper recently had an article about a hometown man who had baked cookies on dash of his car because of the extreme temps! He had put a pan of slice and bake cookies on the dash of his car (that was parked in the sun) and left them there all day while he was working his job. The cookies were done by the end of the day! LOL! WILD!

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Joanie said...

Sherry, I love reading your blog, especially when I am feeling blue. Your exhuberance for life just shines right through your writing! How cool it is that you can get get excited over a wire basket and make me want one too!
Looking forward to your pictures!