Saturday, August 25, 2007

Saturday Shopping

I totally LOVE needlepoint samplers! I would have every wall in our house covered in them if I could! But I can't afford to buy that many and I really don't want to commit myself to making that many! LOL! But I will commit myself to (hopefully) several walls of samplers. Of course I plan to intermingle some grapevine wreaths and such with them.

We went out to some furniture stores today and get an idea of chairs and prices. I found exactly what I want for the living area! Harold is taking some time off in a few weeks and we will do some painting indoors so that we can have the chairs and area rug delivered to a nice fresh room! Posted is a picture of the area rug we plan to get. It really wasn't my first choice but the more I look at it, the more I like it and it will work wonderfully around the colors in my decor. *The room pictured is in a catalog*

I scrapped 8.5x11 for so long and I have at least 3 bookcase shelves filled with these albums I have completed! I still like this size and I'm sure I will continue to create more of them (especially for family albums since I have several empty albums waiting to be used) but at the moment I am really hooked on mini albums! So many different shapes and styles plus they look great sitting out in a large bowl or basket!

With this horrible heat, I haven't felt the urge to get outside and roam the yard for picture opportunities! Even the evenings are miserable with all the left over mid-day heat still hanging around! I may be forced to do a rain dance if mother nature doesn't send some storms our way! Now, wouldn't my family just love to see me do that! They would all go running to find a hiding place while yelling "We don't know you! We don't know you!" LOL!

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