Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the Weekend!

Weekend happenings: I finished up another Circle Journal and sent it on. Two more and I will be finished with both groups! I have already received my CJ back from the DML group and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you ladies for making this such a special keepsake!

Grocery shopping. Not a lot to get excited about here but it is nice to have some full cupboards again! With 3 hungry guys it never stays this way for very long!

What a long hot dry spell we are having! I water the plants and bushes but they need a good soaking courtesy of Mother Nature! The weather is calling for more temps in the 100's for us. UGH!

The mail man brought me a nice surprise! New charts to drool over! Now I get to wrestle with the decision of which ones to do first! I have decided what my new starts will be and will update the two open days when I choose what I want to do on them.
Mon - Weeping Willow Sampler
Tues - And a Forest Grew
Wed - (spot to be filled)
Thurs - (spot to be filled)
Fri - Alpha Bird (one of the new charts)
Sat and Sun - various smalls

I learned that Benison means blessing. A new word. A new definition.

I also learned that I feel better when surrounded by country/cottage decor. This is really nothing new but I did forget for a spell and tried out a different look in our home decor. Nice but I am so much happier since pulling out all the good country decor again!

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Kelli said...

Your mail surprises sound wonderful! Enjoy!