Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mid Week Heat

Here is my progress on THEIR SONG so far. I am working on finishing up the cherries on the branch then I can move on to another section of it. I goofed on the word "blackbirds" by doing the entire word in black instead of using brown on the last 4 letters. No biggie. I like it this way!

It has been at least a week or more since we have had any decent rain and without some moisture, this hot Southern summer sun is doing a real number on my plants so I spent a good part of the afternoon making sure they all got plenty of H2O along with refilling the bird baths! Nothing like some cool refreshing water on a hot HOT day! I would love to see a good steady rain for several days! And I'm sure my plants would be thrilled for that to happen too!

We are planning to get a new rug and chairs for the living area. A new recliner for Harold and a nice cozy TV / stitching chair for me.It's going to mean some furniture re-arranging but I think it will be worth it!

The more I look at the chart And A Forest Grew by Rosewood Manor (and pictures from gals working on it) I want to get it and start on it! It's one of those "the more I look at it, the more I like it" type charts! *UPDATE* I have ordered the chart and it should be arriving by the end of the week!

Working on my stitching / project weekly rotation chart as well as my wish list! After all, the holidays really aren't that far away and it doesn't hurt to have some ideas ready!

What I did today: Stitched on Their Song, ordered And A Forest Grew.


Vonna said...

I really love this Blackbird designs design that you're working on....
HURRAY for the buy on the AAFG chart. It's a fabulous one!

Carol said...

Oh Their Song looks wonderful! I am so happy you will be also stitching AAFG! It is one of my favorites and I so look forward to my evenings with mine - I think you will too!!!

Carol said...

Hi Sherry - I don't think I have your email, so will answer your VQ question here :-) While I bought my chart at Olde Colonial Designs' booth at Celebration in NH in May, there are several ONS' now carrying this designer. ABC Stitch Therapy is one... Jean (The Slow Stitcher) sells it in her shop too, however shipping from Singapore is much steeper than from New Hampshire for you :-) Make sure you are sitting down when you go to the site for it - it is $28!!! It's irresistable though :-)