Monday, April 02, 2007

Keeping it current!

What keeps you coming back to the blogs you read?

I have my favorites that I read regularly for various reasons.

1. I know the person writing the blog
2. Good information
3. Good format
4. It stays current
5. It revolves are a variety of subjects that keep me interested.
6. Pictures. Nothing like a little eye candy to get my attention.

I know I am guilty of neglecting at least several of these so I have added my blog to my list of monthly goals over at Peek ( These goals always help me push myself to accomplish things I would otherwise let slide. Some months I get each one completed while other months I don't but I still can't ignore the fact that posting them over here really does help me! For whatever reason!

The rain moved in on us over the weekend. Nothing like an overcast dreary day to catch a few extra zzz's and my new flowers will definitely benefit from it but this also made it hard for me to get outside to make some new pictures. And hopefully it has washed alot of that icky green pollen out of the air!

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Maria said...

I think we share the same reasons for visiting blogs! I love visiting yours! Sorry I haven't made it so frequently lately though. I'll try to keep coming back more regularly! I haven't been able to stop at DML that often either :(