Thursday, April 05, 2007

The List Queen is Back!

Splurging is always fun but after it's over I always wonder why I did it! Impulse buying is not my style but has become a common thing for me to do lately and I need to stop it before it becomes a very bad habit! Best get back on track before I'm derailed completely!

Once again my top three favorites on American Idol this week were
1. Melinda
2. Lakisha
3. Jordin
They have been the same since the beginning. Sometimes varying in rank but the names are always the same.

My bottom three picks for this week were
1. Sanjaya
2. Gina
3. Haley
Exactly in that order! And Gina was voted off this week. I was totally thrilled that Michael Buble was the surprise singer! I love love love his music!

The weather is changing. We have had summer like days in the 80's and nights warm enough to keep the air conditioner running. But for the next 5 days, highs will only reach into the mid 60's while the lows drop into the 30's. My flowers and tomato plants were just starting to take off really well too! Looks like I will be making a trip outside each evening to cover them up to keep the frost off during this cold spell.

I read an interesting article about daily routines. Please don't ask me where I read it because that piece of information has totally vanished from my memory bank for the moment! After reading it though I began to think about our lives and a few of the things that are normal for us. Time to make a list!

It is Harold's job to change the ink in the printer. He has tried to teach me but I just let him do it!

Doing laundry early. I like to get it out of the way as fast as possible!

A pot of coffee is almost always on!

Music. Either from Michael's room, Ryan's room, the computer or the kitchen.

Making Lists. I am the official list maker around here and make a list for about everything imaginable!

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