Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Stampin' It Up!

What is it that draws me to buy stamps?

I love them. I buy them. I am thrilled when they arrive.Then I put them away and never use them! What is that all about?

I know they aren't too complicated for me to figure out! LOL!

I will often list using my stamps as one of my monthly goals. One layout gets stamped (usually a date stamp) then no more. Last night I opened my stamp drawers (yes, that was a plural) and I it was too overwhelming for me to even take the time to count them! Acrylic stamps. Rubber Stamps. Foam Stamps. It's an addiction. Plain and simple. But I can think of other things that would be a lot worse!

I have to justify these stamps and the money I spent on them! I feel guilty knowing that I spent good scrap supply dollars on them only to see them laying around in their unopened packages. One of my goals at this month is to scrap no less than 5 layouts.Five is a safe number. No pressure. I am almost sure to meet it and often go over without feeling pushed. I will add another goal to use my stamps on no less than 2 of these (Start slow and build up).

Wrapping up with a few mid week observations!

Some of my flowers are really taking off while others are doing nothing! Seems like these are totally bored with whole idea of blooming!

A breadmaker might be fun to have! Good hot bread and yummy smells floating through the house!

This house needs a good paint job! Inside and out!

It's time to try out some new recipes. Meal time is getting so boring and predictable!

I really don't miss getting all the subscriptions to my scrapbooking magazines I have had in the past. I can usually read and see enough online about it to satisfy me.

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