Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Busy Week

Big week around here! We have a new family member! It's a JEEP! And she's silver! We are the proud parents of a new Jeep Patriot and we are loving it! Sunroof, heated seats and lots of other extras to make traveling even more fun!

Last Saturday was Astronomy Day so the local Astronomy club got together at a known bookstore to help inform the public. I went along with Harold. Mainly as an excuse to ride in the new Jeep and a chance to get some yummy coffee at the bookstore coffee shop! While I was there I picked up two new cookbooks that look fantastic! I can't wait to try to some of these recipes! As I try some, I will share the ones I am impressed with!

Mice! Ugh!!! Since we live outside the city limits in what could be considered a country area, it isn't uncommon for us to see ONE mouse about every 4 or 5 years. We set a trap, catch it and that's it for another 5 years or so. But this time they are coming in one after another and we can't find where they are coming in at! We keep setting traps and have caught 7 so far! I told Harold this HAD TO END! My pots, silverware, platters and more are having to sit on top of the counters because the mice keep running around in those cabinets! I WANT MY KITCHEN BACK! It's time for the professionals to come in! *update* The pros are coming out today! YEA!!!

This month marks the (possible) end of an era at our house! We are smokers -- there I said it! Both Harold and I have quit several times over the years only to resume the habit. We both freely admit that we have no will power when it comes to this. Our doctor told us about this new stop smoking medicine called Chantix ( that seems to have had good results with others so we decided to give it a try. It works GREAT so far! We really don't miss the actual cigarette. But we have had to change a lot of our habits because certain activities or times of the day were automatically associated with smoking and we wanted to avoid that urge. People who have never smoked really don't understand how hard it is to do this but I have to give credit where credit is due and this medicine is WONDERFUL! We have agreed NOT to say that we quit smoking and instead just say we are going to see how long we can do without them.

See ya later!!

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Susan said...

congrats on the new car Sherry! Shes very purdy :)
Good luck on the not smoking thing too. I am one who understands. I did quit almost 7 years ago now, and it was HARD. My husband just quit the first of this year by using the patches. So far he's doing great. Good for you for giving it a try. Hang in there