Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Countdown

Ok, I'm guilty! I love love love houseplants! I love bringing home a new one but I am realistic and have my share of artificial plants sitting around as well. These are the ones I find on sale and feel will compliment a certain corner or either complete the balance where a live plant just doesn't work. Houseplants look pretty and fresh plus they help keep the air clean. And the right plant doesn't take much care. Those are the ones I buy. The low maintenance, low light plants (because inside our home doesn't get a lot of natural sunlight). Houseplants are but one of my many loves along with my backyard birds, photography and cheesecake! LOL! Part of the variety that adds spice to life! So now you know. Scrapbooking is not my only passion. There! I said it!

Starting today I will be doing a Friday Countdown at Peek each Friday so it seemed like a good idea to add it to my blog as well! A different topic each Friday and each one with 10 answers.


1. Repotted flowers for new container garden
2. Went to the doctor
3. Laundry - of course
4. Cleaned around the bushes in the front yard
5. Went out to eat with Harold
6. Worked on a circle journal
7. Went to see MIL at the nursing home
8. Sat on the deck to enjoy my morning coffee
9. Made a quick grocery store run
10. Fell asleep during a movie on TV

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