Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hot Days and Bright Flowers

March is an odd month for us, weather wise. It can get extremely cold and even snow one day and the next day it will be a beautiful spring like day in the mid 70's. The past couple of days haven't been cold or even a comfortable like a Spring day. They have been HOT like a summer day in mid July! But the mornings and evenings have been pleasant and those are my favorite times to sit out back on the deck with my camera and cup of coffee while I enjoy the birds. Harold and I decided to take down a lot of older bushes that were starting to die off or getting too out of control. I will replace a few but not all of them. I can't stand the thought of not having another flower garden around the deck so this time around it will be a potted garden. Much easier in the long run because I can skip the awful chore of weeding and just as pretty to enjoy!

With the weather so warm, everyone has started their planting. I honestly think Spring skipped us completely this year! While we were out doing some weekend errands, I just couldn't resist picking up some plants to set out in my new container garden! Red petunias, colorful snap dragons, big yellow pansies, orange and red gerber daisies and of course some tomato plants! I agreed that these were enough to get me started and keep me busy until I go out again next weekend for some more!

Even this Wood Thrush enjoyed splashing around the birdbath today to cool off!

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rmeyfe said...

We are having one of those kinds of March's too. It was freezing and snowing last week and this week it is like summer!!

Love your picture!!