Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Very seldom will I do a layout with all the same brands of PP. I just love to mix it up! I love to go through my stash and find older papers that I either forgot about or have become "in style" again! I'm a clean, straight lines scrapper. I'm just not comfortable with it if my design has no flow to it. I want the eye to glide over the finished layout instead of jumping around. Of course, others scrap this way and I just love their results but it just doesn't look as good when I do it! I have recently become hooked on using silhouette borders. They are so simple to make but using one or two in a darker or contrasting color can add so much to the layout!

Michael recently started a new job. Kind of far for him to drive each day but if that's what he wants to do then so be it! Ryan is looking around for a part time job while he still takes classes. Harold has been on his temporary icky schedule at work for almost a week now. Hopefully the remainder of the time left on this will fly by! I am usually able to get a lot of scrapping done when he is working these hours but not this time. Whiner has been driving me nuts! I'm not sure if it's the change in the household schedules or just old age but he will not give me more than 15 minutes of peace and quite before something happens and I have to jump up to take care of the situation! We talk about it being time to have him put down but then he seems to get better so we dismiss the idea and after awhile it all starts up again! But the time will soon come when we can no longer dismiss it or ignore it!

American Idol. My two favorite guys have been bumped off now - Sundance and Chris S. There are a few other good ones left but their style just doesn't really appeal to me that much so I will just concentrate on my favorite gals from here on out. I hate to see good singers knocked out of the loop for others who can't sing worth a toot just because a lot of star struck, giddy 13 year old girls think he's cute! I'm talking about Sanjaya of course. What's sad, is that I think Sanji boy is really starting to believe he's still there because he's good!

The weather is supposed to be cooler the next few days and mixed with occasional rain showers. It will probably feel more like Spring than mid Summer. Just as long as we have no overnight freezing temps, my flowers should enjoy it all.

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