Saturday, December 27, 2008

Meet Ethel

I love primitive muslin dolls but I am especially fond of old lady dolls! Unfortunately they are not very common and I only have several. This is Ethel. She came to live here about 10 years ago after I met her at a craft show and she has been a valued member of our household ever since! My aunt was crazy about Ethel and used to make jokes about how I should send Ethel on a plane to visit her or how I should even leave Ethel to her in my will! I would just laugh and assure her that Ethel was very happy here and that she got all the love and respect (because age does command respect) she deserved! As much as I loved Ethel before, I love her even more now because each time I see her I am reminded of my aunt and how much we had in common with one another!

Our house isn't big enough to do an excessive amount of holiday decorating yet I have closets and drawers full of decorations! It seems like every year I buy some decorations before Christmas then I go nuts buying them at the after Christmas sales! They have really built up over the years. I decided that it was time this year (after Christmas, of course) to go through and pick out what I really to keep and feel we will use. First of all, I made a list of what I really like to put out each year and areas that I like to decorate. This will keep me keeping more than necessary! I There is just no reason to keep things if they aren't going to be seen by staying in the closet each year! Most of my valued and sentimental decorations and ornaments were destroyed quite a few years back when Hurrican Hugo hit so I have nothing anymore that should be too hard to part with.

I don't know why but I take all the decorations down the day after Christmas and put them away. I have just always been this way. I love Christmas, the holday season in general, all the beautiful lights and more but once it's over - it's over. At least until next year and then I can't wait to begin all a new!

I totally forgot about yesterday being Friday and didn't get any stitching done for my usual SAT piece. Things are just so busy during the holiday season! I will definitely make up for it starting in 2009!

Thanks for stopping by!


Karen said...

Lovely meeting Ethel!!!
Sherry, I received my surprise package today, and I want to thank you SO much!! What fun! I'm going to have a BLAST with all these goodies. Thanks again!

Brigitte said...

Such a lovely doll! I can understand why you appreciate her so much.

Meari said...

Ethel is awesome, Sherry. :)

Due to busy time at work, I don't take down my Xmas decor until Feb. LOL... I still plug in my lights and stuff... love looking at them!