Monday, December 15, 2008

I was Framed!

I went out this weekend to take a finished piece to the framers for the first time in many years. Oh my gosh! I almost had a heart attack when they gave me the price and that price included the 50% off coupon I had!

The gal that frames it all was real nice and showed me what they use and how they do the framing so I could buy what I need and hopefully do it myself. If I can do it like I am hoping, that will be a big money saver. I know there will be a few pieces I will want professionally framed which is fine but I will be looking for another framer in my area to do the job! I am not looking for super cheap. Just reasonable.
On one of the yahoo groups I am a member of, there was a discussion about the price of framing. Everyone was pretty much disgusted with the rates these days!

I love a nice pillow or ornament but nothing says "homey warmth" to me more than a wall full of framed needlework!

I did get to stitch on AAFG some on Friday for the weekly Let's Stitch SAT. I think everyone is a bit behind on their SAT, SAL and challenge stitching this month with all the busy-ness in the air! I know I am but as long as I can keep stitching on these a little, I won't feel that I have totally neglected them!

I have been making my 2009 stitching list complete with a few quilting goals. I am being fairly easy on myself this month so that I can get rested up and ready for the New Year! I have quite a few cross stitching and quilting projects I would like to get done this coming year. The actual list will be for my eyes only since it is fairly long but I will post progress on projects and also a list of finished pieces!

I am also thinking that 2009 just might be the year I learn to knit! I have thought about for a long time. Even as a child. I would love to make some yummy soft afghans to snuggle up with on a cold evening!

The Legend of the Carrot
A long time ago, the carrot ornament was very popular in Germany as a traditional gift for new brides. The carrot was believed to bring the bride luck in the kitchen when she would cook meals for her family, and when she was entertaining company.

*I would love to find a woodpecker birdhouse in my stocking!* (I will need a much bigger stocking this year! LOL)


Concetta said...

Your "And a Forest Grew" is coming along beautifully. I'd love to stitch this one day!

I was fortunate to find a framer a few years ago who is VERY reasonable. He doesn't do anything fancy mind you. As an example, in my last post I showed some framing I had done recently - he charged me £10/$15 for each frame (including labour!) I don't know how he does it, but I'm very grateful to have found him. His shop is always so busy - no wonder!

Jeanne said...

Great progress on AAFG! I'm with you on the framing costs- that's why I have a pile of completed pieces unframed. I finally decided that I would take something in about every 2 months and I've slowly been making progress. Still have a ways to go but then I want to get things framed as I complete them and not let a pile build up again. In no time at all you can have $1000 worth of framing sitting there waiting to be done! Merry Christmas Sherry!