Sunday, September 03, 2006


I've noticed so many times that my scrapping reflects my moods at the time I'm working on the layout. If I feel good about myself, it shows in my work. If I'm feeling a little off or just really icky, that shows too! I much prefer the first choice! Not only for my scrapping but for myself in general! LOL - my family prefers it too! Everything just seems better when I am feeling good about myself. That's the way I like to be and want to stay each day but unfortunately it doesn't always happen for me. Sometimes the day doesn't start the way I had planned and everything seems thrown out of kilter or just a simple comment by another person doesn't set well with me. While other times my insecurities are in full play and take control. Yes, I worry about what people think of me and most everything I do - sometimes too much. But luckily as I am writing this I am feeling good. Feeling good about about me, my life and pretty much everything around me. It's a good day!

Surfing a few blogs this morning and I found an older entry from Ali that basically asked "what is your message as a life artist?". This was so easy for me. My message is FIND A MIRACLE! Because they are all around us everyday. At first you may have to look a little harder then suddenly you are finding them everywhere without any effort at all! Don't just open your eyes to see them -- open your heart!


Heather said...

This is such a nice entry, Sherry.

Anonymous said...

yes. :)

I like that question - "What is your message as a life artist?" I've thought about that abstractly - but I like having a concrete question to answer.