Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Breaking out of my box

Ok, here the thing. I have decided it's time for me to stretch my wings and try some new things. I love scrapbooking but I have mainly kept myself confined to layouts. It seems like mini books and stamping are two things I tend to back away from! I love looking at mini books other people do because they really seem to know what they are doing. I'll never know if I enjoy it unless I try so this is going on my list of "to do's". I have plenty of stamps. All kinds and I continue buying them. I just never use them. I play with them on pieces of scrap paper but that's about the extent of it. I used to be a stamping fool in my pre-scrapbooking days. It's not like this is anything new to me so why does it scare me so much? I can sit here and think about doing these two things all day or I can just DO THEM! I like the second solution much better! I have also joined my first circle journal group! There was a time when being creative was a natural thing for me. I'm ready to see if that natural instinct is still there!

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maria said...

You will love using these stamps! I have this set and it's one of my favorites! I use it a lot and it's so versatil. BTW, I love your blog! :)