Sunday, September 10, 2006

Computers, Lights and Doctors

I am sitting here making my first blog entry from our new computer. Well, sort of new! Our other computer did a nose dive crash the other night and when shopping around for a new one, we found a floor display model that we got an excellent buy on! A new computer is always nice but getting it set up with all of our programs can be very tiresome!

I can honestly say without a doubt in my mind that I can't stand florescent lights! DH loves them and puts florescent light bulbs all around the house! In lamps, overhead, anywhere he can find that needs lighting gets one of these. We don't get a lot of good natural lighting indoors so I usually need to turn on a lamp when taking a picture. YUK! The results are that everything look an icky yellow! Every now and then I try to change the bulbs out only for him to notice the switch and back in they go! I'm doomed to have yellow everything as long as I take pictures indoors! So now you know why I take a lot of my stuff outdoors when I want a picture of it! LOL! Now if I can just find a way to move some of our furniture outdoors for a few snapshots! To the left is a picture I took recently of an old railroad tressle. When I look at it, I automatically think Southern Charm!

On a good note, I went to my neurologist yesterday. Not one of my favorite things to do but this time I was in and out in less than 15 minutes! He was very pleased to see me feeling so good and told me to keep this attitude as this really does have a lot to do with my seizures. The bright spot of my visit was when he told me that it has been over two years now since my last grand mal seizure!! WOO HOO! Last time I went a little short of 3 years without a seizure so we'll see what happens this time around! Fingers crossed!

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