Friday, September 01, 2006

It's Important!

September! I see another busy month in store for us in my crystal ball! DS is going to make his decision this month about which branch of the service he is most interested in. I think he knows everything there is to know about each branch! He decided he wanted to enjoy this summer and his friends since he would most likely be leaving in the Fall. He has certainly kept busy! Concerts, theme parks and water parks, cook outs and so much more!

DH and I have a big anniversary coming up very soon! The big 30! That's alot of years to spend with one person but I wouldn't want it to have been anyone other than him! I can look back to when we first got married and see how much I've changed over the years! It's all been for the better and he's had alot to do with that! We were in the stages of planning to have a photo shoot set up when the need to replace our hot water became a priority! Instead, the boys have offered to take some pictures of us for the occassion (if all this rainy gloom will move on). And dh has promised to take me up to the mountains for some wonderful photo opportunities!

I am currently on a mission. A photography mission. I am always on the look for those pictures that are usually passed over. The everyday things, the common things, those little things that help make us who we are. These are just as important as the big moments we scrap. This became evident to me when doing a search for a picture of my Grandpa's old store. Not one person in the family had a picture because one had never been made. There were plenty of pictures of us outside the store in the gravel area but that wasn't what I wanted. I can still see the store in my mind but I wanted to be able to show it to my children. This is where their mom snitched penny candy and had a whole store to play store in! Don't miss out on any of those little things just because you don't think they are important at the time! Years from now when my kids laugh about Mom's "mad money" jar, there will be a picture as well or when they run across a picture of my gardening bench and say "I had forgotten how thrilled mom was over this little beat up thing!". It's important!

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Anonymous said...

Exactly... love the everyday things in photos... great that you are preserving those memories!

And, we had to get a new water heater this past week! Bla. What a not fun way to spend money! lol!!