Monday, December 12, 2011


Seems that I am posting later than usual today and will probably be so the rest of the week. Finals week for DS so he is using the main computer a lot more than usual.

When I posted yesterday I thought it was going to be just another ho hum day of trying to get these computer programs straightened out again. When DH got up, he asked if I found the package he brought in. Package? What package? After I saw the return address, I tore into the cardboard delight! It was just what I needed! A tin of Edgar's yummy Christmas candy! I don't who was more thrilled - me, DH or our two bottomless pits! Thank you again Edgar! If you have never visited his blog, you must stroll on over and see his beautiful stitching!

While going through some Christmas ornaments, I came across several special ones. The gold Elvis. Tacky in it's own way but it was a joke gift from my Dad one year. I have always loved Elvis and my dad liked to tell a story of when I was about 4 years old. I was so terribly in love with The King back then that when I heard his music, I would run through the house screaming his name then in a fit of exhaustion I would throw myself on the floor and just sob. lol. A little dramatic but hey, I was in love! lol. No picture of it because the camera refused to focus on it properly. I guess Elvis was wiggling his hips too much! lol.

The second ornament was another gift from my dad. It's a Hallmark ornament that looks like a radio. When you press a button, my dad's recorded voice sends us his Christmas greeting. I tried to hear his voice but the batteries were dead. I remember his voice. Strong and vibrant but I wanted to actually hear it again! DH went out and picked up some batteries after I had expressed my dismay. Now I have a part of my dad with me for the holidays again!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and finds their own suprises that will bring a smile!


Margaret said...

Good luck to your DS with his finals. Nice surprise in the mail too!

CalamityJr said...

What a beautiful way to have a living memory of your dad. I'd never thought of those ornaments in that way...

Littlebit said...

Aww..what a wonderful tin you got from Edgar! Is there anything as fun as getting a surprise??
I am so glad you are able to hear your dad's voice again. That is too sweet, and I know how much you miss him.

Catherine said...

What wonderful memories that the ornaments bring you of your dad! And, yummy on the gift from Edgar!!
Good luck to your son!