Thursday, December 08, 2011

Rethinking the Plan

I have signed up for two more SALs listed on my sidebar. After I looked at the list, I got a little bit jumpy. What have I done? I pulled out the stitching list that I made for 2012 and looked over it. It is a long list but I have to remember that it's just a list. Not a promise written in blood.

I am confident that I have figured out what I will be doing and how I will work the rotations. For now, I feel like it's a good plan.

WIPocalypse 2012 - I will work on The Mother's Tree a week a month until finished then pick up another WIP.

Oldest UFO - I will work on AAFG by Rosewood Manor a week a month until finished.

Elizabeth Hancock - I will work on this piece a week a month until finished.

TUSAL - No problems. No worries. Just a picture once a month.

LHN Ornament - This is more of an incentive to get me working on some of these ornaments I have wanted to do as I can. This is a No Stress SAL so I won't stress out!

These will be my focus pieces for now. As I said before, I know I won't be able to resist the new start bug every so often. I went through my stitching basket, cleaned it out and set up everything I would need when I am ready to begin!

Thank you for stopping by again! Have a wonderful day!


Margaret said...

Sounds like a good plan! I'll enjoy watching your progress next year.

Rachel S-H said...

I like your attitude. It's not a promise written in blood.

CalamityJr said...

You've got a good way of looking at your plans. Keeping things flexible makes stitching fun and not a have-to, so I'm sure you'll be enjoying 2012!

MoonBeam said...

Vonna had me tempted too, but I settled on the Cottage SAL and 2012 WIPocalypse.

Have fun and good luck!

Sherry :o) said...

You can do it, Sherry - you have a plan laid out - and what the heck, if it changes, that's okay too...afterall, it is your plan! You go, girl!