Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Goals. Past and Present.

I stitched on AAFG again yesterday and I am really starting to see some progress! Section two is coming along much more smoothly now.

Happy October to everyone! Time to recap my September goals and list my goals for October!

Good Things by Notforgotten Farm
JCS ornament

Little House Neighborhood by LHN

Made Progress On
Little House Neighborhood

September Goals

1. Work on WIPS - YES
2. Keep working on quitting smoking - YES
3. Christmas stitches - YES
4. Continue to build up my thread stash - YES
5. Begin a new stitch - YES
6. Keep my blog as current as possible - YES
7. Enjoy my stitching! Very important! - YES
8. Don't over stitch and irritate eye problems - YES
9. Choose 1 or 2 WIP for Monthly Focus stitches - YES
10. Eat healthier - YES
11. Work on fabric stash - NO
12. Walk more - Walking but not over doing it
13. Tea Dye fabrics - DID SOME
14. Work on pieces for wall of samplers - YES
15. Stay within stitching budget - LOL!
16. Work on designing my Neighborhood - SORT OF

September Focus WIPS

1. Good Things by Notforgotten Farms - FINISHED
2. Little House Neighborhood by LHN - YES

October Goals

1. Continue to work on quitting smoking
2. Stitch on WIPs
3. Continue to build thread stash
4. Start a new stitch
5. Start some smalls
6. Keep my blog current
7. Exercise
8. Continue to build fabric stash
9. Place stitching order
10. Eat Healthy
11. Finish up at least 1 WIP
12. Join the challenges and SAT at Let's Stitch

October Focus WIPs

1. And A Forest Grew
2. Little House Nieghborhood

No stitching pics today. Instead a cute tree frog we saw peaking out at us while in Wilmington!

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