Monday, October 06, 2008

New Starts, Orders and Progress

I have been making some really good progress on AAFG thanks to the challenges and stitch a thons over at Let's Stitch! There are 14 sections in all. I plan to stitch on this piece some each week and get it finished up now that I have worked on it again!

My orders are beginning to slowly trickle in. Kind Fond Love by The Sampler Company arrived on Thursday and so did my JCS ornament issue! And yes, I see plenty of ornaments I want to stitch up! The four blueberry bushes I ordered on sale in the Spring (they were out of stock and would not ship again until Fall) finally came in and have been planted! Here's hoping for plenty of yummy blueberries next season! Saturday's mail delivered Old Shaker Tune, Quaker Seasons, Quilt Square blocks leaflet, Quakers and Quilts and some fabrics. About half of the fabrics I ordered were out of stock and are on backorder. I am hoping there isn't a long wait for them as there are several I need to start on some of new charts!

After making a list of my unstitched charts, I made a list of charts I am most interested in working on. There are quite a few but here is a list of the NEW STARTS I would like to begin before the end of the year (which really isn't very far away).

1. Quakers and Quilts - need to get threads
2. Quaker Seasons - need to get threads
3. Kind Fond Love - need to get threads
4. Best of Blessings - waiting for chart to arrive
5. Victoria's Quaker - still waiting on fabric needed

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