Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cooler Days a coming!

I am behind many other bloggers in acknowledging October as Breast Cancer Month. My aunt is a survivor of it and I have a friend who was diagnosed. Earlier this year, I was afraid I would join the ranks of women diagnosed every day when they found a lump. I went in my for my test (digital) and had the results before I left the building. I was fine but at that moment it hit home just how terribly important is to be tested each year! Please get checked!

I was so happy when I decided on my theme for the MM&I SAL. I wanted my neighborhood to just ooze folk art. I really have no worries that I will get what I need before the designated time but I am already working on LHN Little House Neighborhood and HOHRH and want to start on VOHRH in the future. Where in heaven's name would I put yet another neighborhood? After all, our house isn't all that big! We have a limited amount of wall space and I still have so many other goodies waiting to be stitched and framed to hang! Then I read about Lisa's theme! Basket houses! I was kicking myself for not thinking of this sooner! I am notorious for putting little pillows and other goodies in baskets or bowls to set around the house! She has given me the green light to use her idea and I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted! I can stitch each folk art house, make a tiny pillow out of it and display it all in a lovely basket if I choose to go this way!

I decided to count my unstitched charts last night. The grand total is 87 which includes the new ones coming in but doesn't include all the freebies, magazine charts or the mounds of Christmas ornament chart books I have accumulated! I know I won't be able to make much of a dent by the end of 2008, but my goal is to steadily see this number get lower! I have 30 of these on a list that I am really interested in working on first and foremost. As they say, slow and steady wins the race! So this will definitely mean that procrastinating must be a thing of the past!

Today I wanted to show off a bit of progress I am making on AAFG. It is coming along so much more smoothly now and I am really enjoying working on it again!


Becky K in OK said...

AAFG is coming along quite nicely. I love this design. Yes, cooler days are a comin'. Very cool mornings here in OK, but warms up in afternoons.

Lisa said...

Glad I could help with the idea for the I just have to find the right basket. ;)

Barbeeque4 said...

AAFG is so pretty - and I hear you about all the projects that I want to do!! Where will they all go?? The Basket of houses is such a cute idea!