Friday, October 19, 2007

To Be or Not To Be

Aida vs. Linen. Let me first say that I have linen in my stash and I can cross stitch on it. I just PREFER to use my 18ct. Aida. I feel more comfortable and confident when using it and my stitches seem to flow when I do a project using this. Some people prefer the look and feel of the linen which is fine but for me, why spoil a good thing. I buy special types of Aida with a softer feel (more like fabric) that are a joy to work with. I do my cross stitch to relax and the fabric I use has a lot to do with that!

So many of you have asked what count and type of fabrics I am using on different pieces. I hope this means you think they look good *wink* so I will share that info with you now.

AAFG - 18 ct. Aida
Hunt Sampler 14 ct. Aida
Sampler Folk - 16 ct. Aida
Willow Tree Sampler - 14 ct. Aida
HOHRH - 18 ct. Aida

still left to started and fabrics I will be using

Maria P. Oliver - 18 ct. Aida
Victoria's Quaker - 18 ct. Aida

Our boring town has no cross stitch or quilt shops but there are plenty in the surrounding areas so Harold has promised when I have my appointment with the thyroid doctor next month in a near by city, we will make a special trip to several of their needlework shops! FUN!


Vonna said...

I think Aida is fine...what brand do you use, as I'm interested? I used Aida, primarily...up until about 2-3 years ago, then I started using evenweaves. I like linen, but I think that my favorite is evenweaves. I think your work IS lovely, so that is why everyone is asking!!!

Barbeeque4 said...

I agree that stitching is for relaxing!!!!! You should use anything that helps relaxing and de-stressing along...and even if its using an old dishtowel then use an old dishtowel. Probably most of use started out using Aida cloth, I know I did, I still have a pile from before the switch to linen. Your stitching is lovely and the WIP are really coming along!! Have a great weekend!!!

Jaimie said...

I love the look and feel of linen too. I'm just not very good at using it. I see so msny wonderful projects amongst all you talented ladies I am encouraged to keep trying. My first and only attempt was with Teresa Wentzlers The Cottage. I gave up. Next time something small!

Barbara said...

Stitching is most certainly supposed to be for relaxation! :D Otherwise, I fear I'd go round the bend! LOL!!

Garden Girl said...

I certainly agree with the other comments that stitching is for relaxing and the enjoyment that it brings. I hope to be stitching until my eyes go or I go, even if it is on a burlap sack! I love what you stitch!

Anonymous said...

I'm an aida girl through and through too :o) I've tried the other fabrics but just struggled. Earlier this year I went through a stage where I thought I'd stop stitching for good because I just couldn't do it, then I realised it wasn't stitching i couldn't do but stitch on evenweaves so I cleared out my stash of linens and evenweaves and I'm back to good old aida and loving it!

Becky K in OK said...

I agree with the other posters. Stitching should be fun. I stitch on both fabrics, but mostly linen. Don't ask to look at the backs of my pieces. I stitch the design as economically as I can. Shay Pendray said on one of her tv shows, that so long as your stitches all go in the same direction, it really doesn't matter what route you take to get there. So, my advice...stitch to have fun and relax. You know, I really have never seen a badly stitched piece. All handwork is beautiful to me. And your's are beautiful.

Michelle said...

I say use whatever fabric you like! Like you said, you want to have fun and be relaxed - right? Your work is lovely and I enjoy seeing your progress.


Anonymous said...

I have always felt that stitching is for the joy of it and your heart knows which fabrics, charts, etc. to use. I, too, do not have any LnSs around here (and I live in a big city!), I have to drive to the next city to find one (Scottsdale which is about 20-25 miles, Mesa, or the city of Surprise has one where my friend, Bette, works but it is mostly needlepoint). My husband drives every time since I hate driving too far on the freeways. We used to have one only 2 miles from where I live called "In Stitches", I really loved that store, their specialty was folk art and they had such great models, I would spend so much time just looking at all of the models every time I went there. I do not know why they closed down:(