Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Start

Houses of Hawk Run Hollow has offically been started! I actually got more stitched on it after I took this picture. I still have Maria P. Oliver and Victoria's Quaker (from my list) left to start. Hopefully I will be able to get them going sometime this week.

Today is the 1 month anniversary since we said good bye to our beloved Whiner. It has been a hard month without him. I still find myself reaching down to pet him at night as I used to when he would sleep curled up at my knees. Last night we smelled the distinct oder of dog food. He is still with us in many ways. This is the memorial stone we put out for him several weeks ago.

I was given this award by Jamie at Lavender and Lace (url in sidebar). I am supposed to give it back out to 10 people who make me smile. Naming only 10 people is too hard so I am opting to give this award to all my wonderful readers!


Garden Girl said...

Congratulations on the first stitches on HoHRH! The memorial stone for Whiner is very sweet. The first months are so difficult. It's been a year this week since I lost my little dog and there are still reminders. But I had to smile when you said you smelled dog food ~ I had the same experience! I hope you have a lovely, uplifting day.

Carol said...

Yay Sherry! Nice to see a new HOHRH to watch!

Barbara said...

My mom has a memorial stone for her Mitzie, who was her best friend for over a decade.

Your start of HOHRH is great!!

Michelle said...

Great new start! I would so love to start this one too, but I must stick to finishing what I've already started!