Tuesday, October 24, 2006

On My Soapbox

I have been wanting to scrap these photos since our trip to the mountains this month and I finally got it done! We are already talking about our next day trip. We have the destination picked out but the date is still undecided. But I am definitely looking forward to it! It will be a Christmas excursion to see some wonderful decorations along with a trip to their bakery for some homemade goodies!

Yesterday was check up day at the doctor's office. My original doctor retired and forwarded my records to this new place. I'm not too sure I like it very much. I had always been in and out within a time frame of 20 minutes before. I was in their office for two hours yesterday and there was very little waiting. Just a lot of tests, poking and proding! Why do doctors seem to want to fuss at you about every little thing! If I were to live my life their way, I would probably be in a glass bubble instead of enjoying life! I know they are doing their jobs and I respect that. I just ask for a little breathing room during the process! DH has a doctor who was always on his case about one thing or another until one day when dh was at the store and saw his doctor purchasing a few of his own "bad habits"! LOL! Nothing else has been said! LOL!

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maria said...

I so hear you about the doctor's appointment. Sooo time consuming and so many tests and stuff. I hate going, but one must I suppose. I loved your layout! I posted at comment at DML too. I really liked the colors...thanks so much for sharing.